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Blockadia: Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground!

On every continent there is an increasing frequency and intensity of resistance movements against fossil fuel projects. These interwoven spaces of resistance are Blockadia, along the chain of extraction, transportation and combustion.

Global gas Lock-in Map

This map shows European gas resistance in the context of massive proposed new gas infrastructure that would represent a “Fossil Fuel Lock-in” for Europe and massive public spending through the publically supported “Projects of Common Interest” (PCIs).
Recently Updated Conflicts

Atewa Forest bauxite mining, Ghana

Mining bauxite in Atewa Forest for aluminium making, Ghana will destroy the water source for 5 million Ghanaians, and the home of critically endangered wildlife.

TuNur Solar Park, Tunisia

In July 2017, a request for authorization was filed to the Tunisian Ministry of Energy, Mines and Renewable Energy for an export-oriented solar project with a capacity of around 4.5 GW

Great Manmade River, Libya

To make up for the gap in its traditional supplies, the Libyan government, headed by Gaddafi, undertook the largest civil engineering project in the world, popularly known as The Great Man Made River Project (GMMR), to green the northern deserts of Libya

Qinhuangdao Western (Panguanying) waste incineration plant, Hebei, China

Villagers in Panguanying protested against Qinhuangdao waste incineration plant through petitions, administrative lawsuits, and participation of elections, which resulted in halting the project.

Atenco Aeropuerto Internacional, Mexico

In 2006 there was strong repression in San Salvador Atenco against the Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra which opposed the new airport of the city of Mexico. In 2017 it is under construction.

Roadside Tree Felling in Sheffield, UK

Since Sheffield County Council contracted the private company Amey to maintain the city's streets, approximately 5,500 trees have been felled. Residents have campaigned to protect their trees, and are concerned by the lack of democratic process.