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Climate Debt

The overconsumption of the available capacity of the Earth’s atmosphere and climate system to absorb greenhouse gases by the developed countries has run up a climate debt to developing countries and Mother Earth.

Fracking Frenzy

The high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”, generates serious and large-scale environmental and human health concerns.

Mining conflicts in Latin America

The mining conflicts featured map presents cases of mining conflicts related to metal ores, industrial minerals and construction materials mining activities. Metal ores present the largest number of reported cases.
Recently Updated Conflicts

Philex's Padcal mine, the biggest mining disaster of the Philippines

Responsible mining? The Philex Padcal mine caused the largest mine tailing spill in terms of volumes of toxic tailings. Groups protest to stop the mine.

Marcopper Placer Dome Mining Disaster, Marinduque Island, Philippines

Flooded villages, toxic rivers, ill residents, children dying: The 1996 Marcopper Placer Dome mining disaster remains one of the largest environmental disasters in Philippine history. The fight for justice still goes on.

Intex's Mindoro Nickel Project, Philippines

Intex Resources pushes its Nickel mining project in spite of a lack of a free prior informed consent by local indigenous. The anti-mining struggle of the mangyans of Mindoro continues.

Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan pipeline, Georgia

Ensuring energy security to Europe; the BTC pipeline will bring oil from the Caspian sea to the Mediterranean leaving on the ground socio-environmental impacts, violence and corruption

Weliya rubber plantation, Sri Lanka

Massive land grabbing has become a common problem in Sri Lanka. 3000 acres belongs to Soragune "Kuda Katharagama Devalaya" have been illegally sold to rubber plantations, hurting local community and exacerbating conflict between human and elephants

Referendum to end Bird Hunting in Spring, Malta

Upcoming referendum on 11th April 2015 against bird hunting in Spring season