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Climate Debt

The overconsumption of the available capacity of the Earth’s atmosphere and climate system to absorb greenhouse gases by the developed countries has run up a climate debt to developing countries and Mother Earth.

Fracking Frenzy

The high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”, generates serious and large-scale environmental and human health concerns.

Mining conflicts in Latin America

The mining conflicts featured map presents cases of mining conflicts related to metal ores, industrial minerals and construction materials mining activities. Metal ores present the largest number of reported cases.
Recently Updated Conflicts

MacArthur Metallic / Black Sand Mining, Philippines

MacArthur, a town endowed with rich fertile lands and a lake is threatened by black sand mining.

Mamanwa Communities of Dinarawan and Bunga Asserting Ancestral Land Rights over MRL Agata Mining expansion, Philippines

Mining sites encroach ancestral lands: The Mamanwa Communities of Dinarawan and Bunga assert their ancestral land rights over the further expansion of MRL mining activities

Didipio Gold and Copper mine, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Aggressive mining development in the Philippines: the Didipo Gold and Copper mine, owned by OceanaGold Corporation, has caused large complaints over human rights violations and environmental destruction.

Glencore Xstrata Tampakan Copper-Gold Project South Cotabato, Philippines

Militarization and killings as key ingredients of one of the largest mining areas in South East Asia for copper and gold; seek for justice still ongoing

Idku local residents against BP project, Egypt

Graffiti, chants and social network; local protests and international environmental awareness have forced BP to to re-route its proposed pipeline and processing plant.

Safi power station, Morocco

Clean coal power for nationals and renewables for export to Europe? The interesting story of Safi, whose citizens do not believe in the clean power promises and they still remember air pollution from major sulphur dioxide leaks five years ago.