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Blockadia: Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground!

On every continent there is an increasing frequency and intensity of resistance movements against fossil fuel projects. These interwoven spaces of resistance are Blockadia, along the chain of extraction, transportation and combustion.

Global gas Lock-in Map

This map shows European gas resistance in the context of massive proposed new gas infrastructure that would represent a “Fossil Fuel Lock-in” for Europe and massive public spending through the publically supported “Projects of Common Interest” (PCIs).
Recently Updated Conflicts

Ralco HEP and Bio Bio Watershed hydro plans, Chile

The Biobio region is sadly known for heavy impacts on health of local Pehuenche people and to their territory. A new study for hydro in the basin could increase conflicts in these "sacrifice watershed"

Kuther Hydroelectric Project, HP, India

In the name of energy diversification. JSW Energy group plant adds to India "renewable" potential but leaves one of its main Himalayan rivers dry. People cry out the lack of due information and consultation.

Deepwater Horizon oil spill, USA

Deepwater Horizon Spill in Gulf of Mexico causes deaths and extensive damage; beyond compensation paid, international activists have called for recognition of Rights of Nature under universal jurisdiction

Kohala Hydro Power Project in Occupied Kashmir, Pakistan

Due to people's protests for concerns over ecological and social impacts, Chinese financers temporarly withdrew in December 2018. People fear this plant will reproduce distress as in the Neelum Jhelum power project

Minería de litio en Salar del Hombre Muerto, Argentina

One of the largest lithium mines in the world belonging to FMC Lithium. Called also "Fenix" project. Some protests coming from the (scarce) local population because of the excessive use of water.

Jilanja Mouja-Attempted Conversion of Reserve Forests for Housing of Public Officials, Bangladesh

Illegal conversions of reserve forests plots for the housing of government officials are successfully contested by civil society and the court