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Mujeres Latinoamericanas Tejiendo Territorios

Este mapa muestra las afectaciones a las mujeres por actividades extractivas y su rol en la construcción de alternativas. Se incluyen apenas 22 de muchos casos que se evidencian en América Latina y busca difundir y potenciar los liderazgos de las mujeres.

Environmental Justice in Himachal Pradesh, India

EJAtlas collaboration with Himdhara collective. Despite the image of a "green state", the Himalayan state pursue increasing energy generation and industrial development by diluting laws and ignoring dissent.
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No Fracking in the Guaraní Aquifer in Uruguay

The Guaraní Aquifer System is being threatened in Uruguay and Argentina by a drilling scheme in search of hydrocarbons that can irreversibly contaminate the soils and underground deposits.

Hydroelectric Project Caculo Cabaça, Angola

Big Chinese investment on hydropower on the river Kwanza, for domestic consumption but also for export to South Africa and possibly for aluminium smelting. Very significant impacts but opposition is limited due to government control.

Krabi coal-fired power station project, Thailand

Alternatives to coal are plenty; opponents to the Krabi plant made it clear they don't want more coal facilities but a greener and just economy based on sustainable tourism and clean energy

Thepha Coal Power Plant, Thailand

Strong local opposition by local inhabitants and by academics to a 2,200-megawatt coal-fired power station in Songkhla province, Thailand

Anti-fracking movement and Petrobras Shale Gas Exploration Field AC-T-8 – Vale do Juruá, Brazil

A victory for the environmental justice in Brazil. Suspension of shale gas exploration by use of fracking at the Vale do Juruá (Amazonas and Acre), in a campaign by COESUS that reaches other states also.

Batang coal fired power plant, Central Java, Indonesia

Batang district, on the northeastern coast of Java, might soon be home to what has been billed as Southeast Asia’s largest ever coal-fired power plant, despite many protests.