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Mujeres Latinoamericanas Tejiendo Territorios

Este mapa muestra las afectaciones a las mujeres por actividades extractivas y su rol en la construcción de alternativas. Se incluyen apenas 22 de muchos casos que se evidencian en América Latina y busca difundir y potenciar los liderazgos de las mujeres.

Environmental Justice in Himachal Pradesh, India

EJAtlas collaboration with Himdhara collective. Despite the image of a "green state", the Himalayan state pursue increasing energy generation and industrial development by diluting laws and ignoring dissent.
Recently Updated Conflicts

Suruí controversial Forest Carbon Project, Rondônia, Brasil

Carbon offsets mitigation project generates bitter internal conflicts among the Paiter Suruí indigenous populations of Rondônia.

Fessenheim nuclear power station stopped, France

In 2017 it has been announced that the oldest nuclear power plant in France, Fessenheim, built in 1977, will be finally closed down. It is alleged that previous accidents have been downplayed.

Overfishing the Mauritanian Coast

Mauritania's 750-km rich coastline hosts an exclusive economic zone, exploited by many actors engaging in legal and illegal fishing practices. Overfishing is supported by EU neocolonial policies and a new Chinese presence.

Offshore petroleum threatens fishing livelihoods and marine biodiversity in Mauritania

Offshore oil and gas development is advancing as the result of autocratic governmental policies and in disregard for Mauritania’s biological marine ecosystems, necessary to the country’s fishing trade.

Land resumption of Choi Yuen Village for XRL high-speed rail, Hong Kong, China

The Guangzhou–Hong Kong high-speed rail (XRL) would destroy Choi Yuen Tsuen, a farming village of about 500 people. Journalists and activists joined in the protests against the resumption of land.

Qingshuihe Waste Incineration Power Plant, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China

On 8th January 2006, residents of Qingshuihe took to the streets to protest against the plan of the local authority to expand a waste incinerator. There is also a landfill.