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Climate Debt

The overconsumption of the available capacity of the Earth’s atmosphere and climate system to absorb greenhouse gases by the developed countries has run up a climate debt to developing countries and Mother Earth.

Fracking Frenzy

The high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”, generates serious and large-scale environmental and human health concerns.

Mining conflicts in Latin America

The mining conflicts featured map presents cases of mining conflicts related to metal ores, industrial minerals and construction materials mining activities. Metal ores present the largest number of reported cases.
Recently Updated Conflicts

Certej gold mining, Romania

Eldorado Gold, a low cost Canadian gold mining company, intends to open Romania’s first cyanide based open-pit gold mine. The proposal is facing both strong national and international opposition.

Cagayan black sand mining in shore areas, Luzon, Philippines

Ten black sand mining companies operating in the province of Cagayan were suspended, following large negative impacts on coastal communities and the environment. However, illegal mining goes on and continues to threaten people and the environment.

Phulbari coal mine project, Bangladesh

Read the story of one of the most violent repressions in Bangladesh, which led to a ban on open-pit mining in the area and withdrawal of international funding

US Capital Energy drilling in Sarstoon-Temash National Park, Belize

Mayan and Garifuna communities opposing oil exploration; despite a Supreme Court decision, the company seems to have started operations

Marine industrial aquaculture, Greece

Aquaculture barons vs protected areas and local communities in coastal and marine areas of Greece

Minería de antimonio y tungsteno en San Ildefonso Ixtahuacán, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

En 1977 se llevó a cabo en Guatemala la Gran Marcha de los Mineros de Ixtahuacán. En total participaron 15.000 personas que demandaban justicia social y justicia ambiental.