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Mujeres Latinoamericanas Tejiendo Territorios

Este mapa muestra las afectaciones a las mujeres por actividades extractivas y su rol en la construcción de alternativas. Se incluyen apenas 22 de muchos casos que se evidencian en América Latina y busca difundir y potenciar los liderazgos de las mujeres.

Environmental Justice in Himachal Pradesh, India

EJAtlas collaboration with Himdhara collective. Despite the image of a "green state", the Himalayan state pursue increasing energy generation and industrial development by diluting laws and ignoring dissent.
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Hahotoé-Kpogamé-Kpémé Phosphates Mines & Facilities, SNPT, Togo

Hahotoé and Kpogamé phosphates mines and Kpémé processing plant pollute the local environment and threatens human health while the company SNPT does not respect its workers' rights.

Proyecto Hidroeléctrico San Rafael, Costa Rica

Rural communities oppose the building of the hydroelectric project of San Rafael because of risks to wildlife and to local water availability.

Proyecto hidroeléctrico Corpus Christi, Argentina-Paraguay

Conflict over the Corpus Christi dam in the Paraná river betwen Argentina and Paraguay. In Misiones (Argentina), the project was rejected in 1996 and 2014 in two social consultations driven by EJ movements.

Giant landslide caused likely by Xiluodu Dam impoundment, Yunnan and Sichuan, China

The second biggest dam after the Three Gorges project is likely to have contributed to reservoir-induced earthquake and massive deadly landslide.

Women's cycling team challenging several social norms and taboos in Afghanistan

The bicycle creates struggles in a culture where the conceived role of women is motherhood and housekeeping, and where roads and streets are dominated by men.

Māori resistance results in Te Urewera gaining legal personality, New Zealand

Decades of resistance led by Tūhoe Maori has resulted in their ancestral land, Te Urewera, being granted legal personality and Tūhoe reclamation of management rights.