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Climate Debt

The overconsumption of the available capacity of the Earth’s atmosphere and climate system to absorb greenhouse gases by the developed countries has run up a climate debt to developing countries and Mother Earth.

Fracking Frenzy

The high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”, generates serious and large-scale environmental and human health concerns.

Mining conflicts in Latin America

The mining conflicts featured map presents cases of mining conflicts related to metal ores, industrial minerals and construction materials mining activities. Metal ores present the largest number of reported cases.
Recently Updated Conflicts

Creación del Área Reserva de Biosfera Visis Cabá, Chajul, Guatemala

Indígenas Ixil rechazan la creación del Área Protegida Visis Cabá, temen ser despojados de sus tierras y no comprenden el por qué las prohibiciones para extraer recursos del bosque.

Chromite mining in Salcedo and killing of activist Francisco Canayoung, Philippines

Philippine anti-mining activist Francisco Canayoung was murdered after opposing chromite mining in Salcedo, Eastern Samar, which drastically destroys the health of local communities and the environment.

Landfill construction in Keratea, Athens

Local communities react to the implementation of landfill and recycling plant in the Attica region, imposed with no consultation and forcing land acquisition

Rapu Rapu polymetallic mine, Philippines

Supposed to be a showcase mine after the Philippine Mining Act of 1995, the Rapu Rapu polymetallic mine, located on Rapu Rapu Island in Southeastern Luzon, has turned an island paradise into a wasteland.

Abandoned uranium mines, Portugal

Uranium mined in Portugal since 1913 leaves a legacy of diseases, radioactivity and environmental contamination. Struggles and reclamations continue til today

Mt. Canatuan Gold Mine on Subanon Ancestral Lands, Western Mindanao, Philippines

Sacred lands and Philippines’ corporate gold rush: the Subanon indigenous oppose the destruction of their sacred Mountain Canatuan by the Canadian mining company TVI Pacific Inc.