Ecosystem Services


Environmental Conflicts on Ecosystem Services

Białowieża Forest, Poland

Building ban to face coastal erosion, Rincon, Puerto Rico

Building on the forest reserve Thomas van der Hammen, Bogota, Colombia

Christopher Columbus Landing Resort in Playuela, Puerto Rico

Coastal Development and Land Reclamation, Bahrain

Construction of the highway Moscow-Petersburg through the Khimki forest, Russia

Dams and embankments in the Ganga-Kosi floodplains, BR, India

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, India

Enel geothermal plants in Mt. Amiata, Italy

Explotación de madera bajo el AVA-FLEGT, Honduras

Forceful takeover of forest land cultivated by tribespeople in Khammam, India

Granting legal right to the River Ganga as a 'living entity', India

Holistic Forest Conservation Program by Air France and WWF, Madagascar

Hotel Algarrobico, Almeria, Spain

Hutan Harapan Forest conflict in Jambi, Indonesia

Israel uproots and confiscates Palestinian agricultural land, Occupied West Bank and Gaza

Kandadji Dam and displacement, Niger

Laguna de Llancanelo, Mendoza: actividad petrolera en área natural protegida, Argentina

Lof en Resistencia Cushamen vs. Benetton and state repression, Chubut, Argentina

Māori resistance results in Te Urewera gaining legal personality, New Zealand

MOSE project in Venetian Lagoon, Italy

Movement against industrial Renewable Energy Resources (RES) in Chios, Greece

Nakthan Hydroelectricity Project, HP, India

Nile Basin Reforestation Project, Uganda

Polluting industries in Cataño and Conservation of Las Cucharillas Marsh, Puerto Rico

Porto Alegre's urban mobility and the Critical Mass, Brazil

Presa Las Cruces Nayarit, Mexico

“Protect Kok-Zhailau”, Ile-Alatau State National nature park, Kazakhstan

Purus REDD Project, Brazil

REDD+ pilot, Lacandon Jungle, Chiapas, Mexico

Reserva Forestal Imataca, Región Guayana de Venezuela

San Francisco first Critical Mass as a challenge to pro-automobile urban planning, USA

Saving Goolengook Forest Block, Australia

Stop de kindermoord - against children deaths caused by motor vehicles, The Netherlands

Suruí controversial Forest Carbon Project, Rondônia, Brasil

Wildhorses and Burros versus government economic interests, Nevada, USA