Agip refuse to stop spill in Okpotuwar and Ondewari Communities, Nigeria


ERA/FoEN monitors visited Okpotuwari and Ondewari Communities in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, following reports that a ruptured site reported to Agip is yet to be clamped by the company. Community folks alerted that the spill had spewed into the community swamps and that Agip only visited the site on 27th December 2011 and promised to return for clamping in 2012.

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Basic Data
NameAgip refuse to stop spill in Okpotuwar and Ondewari Communities, Nigeria
ProvinceBayelsa State
SiteSourthen Ijaw
Accuracy of LocationLOW country/state level
Source of Conflict
Type of Conflict (1st level)Fossil Fuels and Climate Justice/Energy
Type of Conflict (2nd level)Oil and gas refining
Pollution related to transport (spills, dust, emissions)
Specific Commodities
Crude oil
Project Details and Actors
Level of Investment (in USD)Unknown
Type of PopulationRural
Potential Affected PopulationUnknown
Start Date27/12/2012
Company Names or State EnterprisesNigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC) from Nigeria
Agip Group from Italy
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) from Nigeria
Environmental justice organisations and other supportersERA/FOEN, OILWATCH NIGERIA
The Conflict and the Mobilization
Intensity of Conflict (at highest level)LOW (some local organising)
When did the mobilization beginMobilization for reparations once impacts have been felt
Groups MobilizingFarmers
Indigenous groups or traditional communities
Fisher people
Environmental ImpactsVisible: Biodiversity loss (wildlife, agro-diversity), Food insecurity (crop damage)
Project StatusProposed (exploration phase)
Do you consider this as a success?Not Sure
Sources and Materials
Meta Information
ContributorAfoke Ohwojeheri
Last update08/04/2014