Global gas Lock-in Map


This map shows European gas resistance in the context of massive proposed new gas infrastructure that would represent a “Fossil Fuel Lock-in” for Europe and massive public spending through the publically funded “Projects of Common Interest” (PCIs).

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800 MW CCGT Power Plant in Arrúbal, Spain 

Agip Facilty Pollutes Kwale Community Ponds, Nigeria 

Agip pipeline leaks gas in Ebocha community, Nigeria 

Algarve Livre de Petróleo, Portugal 

Aliaga Industrial Conflicts, Turkey 

Aliaga Thermal Power Plants, Turkey 

Amarakaeri communal reserve against Hunt Oil and Repsol, Peru 

Cabinda Gulf oil&gas exploitation, Angola 

Anti-fracking uprising in Ain Salah, Algeria 

Atlantic Coast Natural Gas Pipeline. Virginia, USA  

Belcoo Community Fracking Blockade, Northern Ireland, UK 

Urraca Fracking Project by BNK Petroleum en Burgos, Spain 

Fracking in California, USA 

Cape Boujdour (Offshore Block) oil and gas exploration, Western Sahara 

Cassuruba Reserve in Caravelas, Bahia, Brazil 

Castor Project Gas off-shore storage in Vinaròs, Spain 

Chevron's Gorgon gas extraction meet with labour unions' opposition, Australia 

Chevron Shale Gas, Romania 

Corib Gas in Rossport, Ireland 

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, India 

Digby Island proposed Nexen Aurora LNG (fracked gas) export facility, BC, Canada 

Drying up of Tuz Lake Closed Water Basin, Turkey 

Earthquakes & conflict linked to fracking, Nuevo Leon, Mexico 

Complejo Petroquímico El Tablazo y las luchas de El Hornito contra PDVSA, Venezuela 

Elefsina Bay industrial activities, Greece 

Elsipogtog First Nation v. Fracking, NB, Canada 

Enel geothermal plants in Mt. Amiata, Italy 

Green chemistry project in Porto Torres, Italy 

Extracción de Gas y Petróleo en el Rio Pilcomayo, Bolivia 

Exploracion Hidrocarburos en San Andres Islas, Colombia 

Explotación petrolera en el municipio de Acacias, Meta, Colombia 

Exxon Mobil human rights abuses in Aceh, Indonesia 

Fracking Araba - ENARA, Spain 

Fracking in the Parana Basin, Brazil 

Fracking opposition, Tunisia 

No Fracking in the Guaraní Aquifer in Uruguay 

Fracking Voelkersen, Germany 

Oil, gas, jihadism and militarization in the Taoudeni Basin, Mali 

Gas exploitation in the Urubamba valley Camisea, Peru 

Gas Flaring In Ebocha, Nigeria 

Gas grabs, Algeria 

Gas Pipelines Urucu-Coari-Manaus & Urucu-Porto Velho - Petrobras, Brazil 

Gitwilgyoots and Lelu Island (Lax U'u'la) vs proposed Petronas LNG export facility, Canada 

Opposition to oil&gas exploitation, New Zealand 

Gripen Gas, Öland, Sweden 

Groningen Gas, Netherlands 

Hassi R'Mel gas field, Algeria 

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited refinery at Tavsal, Maharastra, India 

Historic Fracking Ban Passes in Heart of “Frack Country”, USA 

Huelva industrial-chemical complex, Spain 

Hydraulic fracking, Egypt 

Hydraulic fracking in the Karoo, South Africa 

Hydrocarbon extraction in Discovered Small Field (DSF) in Neduvasal, TN, india 

Idku local residents against BP project, Egypt 

Chevron North Apoi explosion impacts at Ikebiri Community, Nigeria 

Indígenas kariña de la comunidad de Tascabaña afectados por la industria petrolera (PDVSA), Venezuela  

Chrevron's activities in Riau province, Indonesia 

Industrial Zoning in Austin, USA 

Karachaganak Oil and Gas Condensate field, Kazakhstan 

Kashagan Oil Field, Kazakhstan 

Kerkennah employment protests, Tunisia 

Liquefied Natural Gas Project, Papua New Guinea 

Lliquimuni, Bolivia 

LNG Shannon terminal, Ireland 

Loma de La Lata y Vaca Muerta en Neuquen, Argentina 

Complejo Industrial Petrolero José A. Anzoátegui, Venezuela 

Los impactos socioambientales del Complejo Refinador Paraguaná, Venezuela  

Matola Gas Company CDM project, Mozambique 

Matsés indigenous resistance to oil exploration in Amazon, Peru&Brazil 

Offshore petroleum threatens fishing livelihoods and marine biodiversity in Mauritania 

Midcat gas pipeline in Catalunya, Spain 

Mtwara – Dar Es Salaam gas pipeline, Tanzania 

Multiple gas explosion in Egiland, Nigeria 

Nuweiba Power Plant, Egypt 

Oil and Gas Exploration in Block L6, Lamu and Tana Delta Districts, Kenya 

Oil and Gas Exploration in Coari, Brazil 

Oil and gas exploration at Woodburn Forest, Ireland 

Oil and gas prospections in the Balearic Sea, Spain 

Oil exploration in Manipur, India 

Oil & gas extraction on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea 

Pande and Temene Gas Field, Mozambique 

Pande-Temane Natural Gas Pipeline, Mozambique&South Africa 

Gasductos en Sechura afecta a Pescadores, Perú 

Anti-fracking movement and Petrobras Shale Gas Exploration Field AC-T-8 – Vale do Juruá, Brazil 

Pichanaki and Pluspetrol, Peru 

Polska BNK Petroleum Fracking, Poland 

Preston New Road Fracking Site (aka Little Plumptons), UK 

Bolivian “Gas war” and Pacific LNG, Bolivia 

Zurawlow shalegas field and Chevron withdrawal, Poland 

Protests and legal action against Fracking, Coahuila, Mexico 

Exploración de Petróleo en la Mosquitia, Honduras  

Extracción de gas por Repsol YPF en Campo Margarita, Tarija, Bolivia 

Reserva Nacional de Tariquia y oposición a hidrocarburos, Bolivia 

Resistance to Chevron-YPF Fracking, Argentina 

Resistance to fracking in Chihuahua, Mexico 

Resistance to fracking projects, Algeria 

Pungesti's resistance to Chevron Gas Fracking, Romania 

Gitxsan First Nation Chiefs Prohibit Pipelines in Territory, Canada 

Sagarmala ports initiative and SEZs, the case of Andhra Pradesh, India 

Sakhalin-1 and -2 oil and gas development projects, Russia 

Shale gas and fracking, Denmark 

Shale Gas Fracking on Île Anticosti, Quebec, Canada 

Shell Shale Gas Project, Skåne, Sweden 

Shell's drilling for oil in the Arctic, Alaska, USA 

Shwe gas field and pipeline, Myanmar 

Spektra Energy's Fracked Gas “Bridge to Nowhere”, USA 

Unconventional gas exploration and production banned in Victoria, Australia 

Tengiz Oilfield and Processing Plant, Kazakhstan 

Decimation of Palestine’s fishing industry, Palestine 

The Gibraltar-San Roque refinery, Spain 

Thermoelectric Complex Parnaíba, Maranhao, Brazil 

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) in Puglia, Italy 

Unemployed movement in oil and gas rich Ouargla town, Algeria 

Unistoten Camp v. the PTP pipeline, BC, Canada 

Uwa, exploración petrolera en su territorio, Colombia 

West African Gas Pipeline, from Nigeria to Ghana 

Yadana Gas field and pipeline, Myanmar 

Zhanaozen oil strike and massacre 2011, Kazakhstan  

Zhetibai Oil Pollution, Kazakhstan 

Zueitina oil port blockade; Libya