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¡Esto no Vale! Isso não Vale! Vale S.A. global operations lead to socio-environmental conflicts

On the occasion of the International Action for Rivers 2019, the ENVJUSTICE - EJAtlas team releases a global thematic map on socio-environmental conflicts in the world related to Vale S.A. mining and infrastructure projects

Blockadia: Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground!

On every continent there is an increasing frequency and intensity of resistance movements against fossil fuel projects. These interwoven spaces of resistance are Blockadia, along the chain of extraction, transportation and combustion.
Recently Updated Conflicts

Jumbo Glacier Resort, Canada

An ongoing conflict between Glacier Ski Resorts Ltd., the British Columbian Government, the Ktunaxa First Nation, conservationists and local communities.

Richmond County and Enviva pellet plant, NC, USA

Enviva, one very large producer of wood pellets, builds a new facility near Hamlet, NC. Citizens and EJ communities denied opporunities to participate in decision making process for this major pollution source.

Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal

A national park was established in customary territories of the Sherpa community. They reclaim their resource rights use on their collective managed land. This would be an example of ICCAs management.

Bogota wastepickers’ inclusive labor conditions put at risk by change in policies, Colombia

In 2013 the wastepickers were recognized and obtained a success (with their leader Nohra Padilla) but in 2018 their labor conditions are put at risk by a change in policies.

City of Buenos Aires installs ‘anti-poor’ waste containers against wastepickers’ rights, Argentina

The City of Buenos Aires installs ‘anti-poor’ smart containers that impedes the access of wastepickers to recyclable waste. Demonstrations have been repressed with tear gas, and no dialogue has been promoted.

Waste-to-energy incineration plant by Veolia in Mexico City, Mexico

The threat of a waste incinerator in Mexico City put wastepickers’ livelihoods at risk. The informal recyclers complained. The project was discardeded because of alleged corruption and excessive costs.

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