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Mujeres Latinoamericanas Tejiendo Territorios

Este mapa muestra las afectaciones a las mujeres por actividades extractivas y su rol en la construcción de alternativas. Se incluyen apenas 22 de muchos casos que se evidencian en América Latina y busca difundir y potenciar los liderazgos de las mujeres.

Environmental Justice in Himachal Pradesh, India

EJAtlas collaboration with Himdhara collective. Despite the image of a "green state", the Himalayan state pursue increasing energy generation and industrial development by diluting laws and ignoring dissent.
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Yamba dam, Gumna prefecture, Japan

A historical case of resistance to a dam that would affect hotsprings and local livelihood in Gunma province. After a halt, works restarted and are scheduled to be finished in 2019

Kariba Dam, Zambia/Zimbabwe

The Kariba dam leaves the descendents of the 57,000 Tonga people which were resettled with force still impoverished nowadays, after 60 years from its construction.

Angostura dam, Chile

A contested dam that is leaving without accessible electricity the local Mapuche communities since its opening

Línea 12 del Metro en el DF, Mexico

En 2007 se presenta el proyecto de la Línea 12 del metro, como parte de un proyecto de urbanización de la delegación de Tláhuac en el Distrito Federal; ejidatarios fueron despojados de sus terrenos.

Amritsar- Delhi-Kolkata Industrial Corridor, India

ADKIC set to grab land, land use changes, loss of livelihood, unemployment, and larger resource grab from commons. Growing inequality and distress as per the corporate agenda. Blooming threat to democratic rights of people in states covered by ADKIC.

Horsh Beirut urban park, Lebanon

Horsh Beirut, the largest park of the capital, is threatened today by the ungoing construction of a field hospital inside the park. Works are totally illegal as laws and zoning regulations strictly prohibit any kind of construction.