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Blockadia: Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground!

On every continent there is an increasing frequency and intensity of resistance movements against fossil fuel projects. These interwoven spaces of resistance are Blockadia, along the chain of extraction, transportation and combustion.

Global gas Lock-in Map

This map shows European gas resistance in the context of massive proposed new gas infrastructure that would represent a “Fossil Fuel Lock-in” for Europe and massive public spending through the publically supported “Projects of Common Interest” (PCIs).
Recently Updated Conflicts

Lead poisoning by Shanghang Huaqiang Battery Company, Fujian, China

In 2008-2009, villagers repeatedly protested against a battery plant which polluted the air, water and soil of the local environment and sickened more than 100 children with excessive blood lead in Shanghang, Fujian.

Samarco Tailings Dam Disaster, Minas Gerais, Brazil

The tailing dams failure in the iron ore mine in Mariana (Minas Gerais) belonging to the Vale and BHP Billiton companies, caused outrage because of loss of human lives and heavy pollution in the Rio Doce.

Antipollution protests against JinkoSolar Company, Haining, Zhejiang, China

Solar is not necessarily clean. The massive production of panels and improper management of polluting agents contaminate waters and soils. 500 local farmers and residents gathered in 2011 at the JinkoSolar plant to demand an end to the pollution

Songjiang battery project, Shanghai, China

Plans for a lithium battery plant in Songjiang in the outskirts of Shanghai were cancelled following the protests of concerned residents

Rubber tree plantation and latex factory near Dja Reserve, by Sudcam Hévéa S.A., Cameroon

The creation of a huge rubber plantation near the Dja Reserve is a threat for wildlife and people in this important area of the Congo Basin. It can affect to endangered species and is already damaging the lifes of the local community.

Iron ore mining in Nova Lima, MG, Brazil

Movements fight for the preservation of the environment and the public water supply sources in the urban region of Minas Gerais, where Vale operates and expands iron ore mines.