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¡Esto no Vale! Isso não Vale! Vale S.A. global operations lead to socio-environmental conflicts

On the occasion of the International Action for Rivers 2019, the ENVJUSTICE - EJAtlas team releases a global thematic map on socio-environmental conflicts in the world related to Vale S.A. mining and infrastructure projects

Blockadia: Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground!

On every continent there is an increasing frequency and intensity of resistance movements against fossil fuel projects. These interwoven spaces of resistance are Blockadia, along the chain of extraction, transportation and combustion.
Recently Updated Conflicts

Ralco HEP and Bio Bio Watershed hydro plans, Chile

The Biobio region is sadly known for heavy impacts on health of local Pehuenche people and to their territory. A new study for hydro in the basin could increase conflicts in these "sacrifice watershed"

Hidroñuble Hydroelectric dam, Chile

In the hometown of Violeta Parra, one more hydropower plant is coming up in the Ñuble region, amid irregularities, pollution, illegal deforestation and land acquisition

Embalse La Punilla, Ñuble, Chile

Forced displacement and destruction of homes of neighbors for acquisition of land with no resettlement plan, in the name of allegedly improvement in agriculture and water provision for farmers

Pondoland Wild Coast Xolobeni mining threat, South Africa

The Xolobeni mining of titanium in sand dunes by Australian company Mineral Commodities (MRC) was opposed. The chairman of the Amadiba Crisis Committee, "Bazooka" Rhadebe, was killed in 2016. In November 2018 the community won a landmark court case.

Hidroeléctrica Tranguil, Chile

A small hydroelectric investment by RP Global causes a large conflict. Mapuche communities ask for investigation of death of an environmentalist in August 2016.

Mafasir Yatta's water pipelines cut by Israeli occupation forces, Palestine

Mafasir Yatta villagers set up pipelines that would solve their water drought and cost problems; the Israeli government destroyed the pipelines after 6 months.