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Conflictos y daños en los proyectos de Pan American Silver en América Latina / Conflict and Harm at Pan American Silver´s Projects in Latin America

Este mapa revela los daños provocados por ocho proyectos mineros de la empresa Pan American Silver, desde México hasta Argentina / This map illustrates harms associated with eight mining projects, from Mexico to Argentina owned by Pan American Silver

Waste pickers under threat. New waste management policies undermine the informal recycling sector in the Global South

On the occasion of the Global Waste Picker Day, the Barcelona Research Group on Informal Recyclers - in collaboration with EnvJustice , the Global Alliance of Waste Pickers and WIEGO - releases a thematic map of so cio-environmental conflicts
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Northern Access Pipeline, Pennsylvania and New York, USA

Indigenous groups and local ejos fight the proposed Northern Access Pipeline (NAPL) by National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation & Empire Pipeline, from Pennsylvania to New York state and Canada.

CAFO pollution in Lenawee County, Michigan, USA

Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) polluted rural Michigan since the 1990s helped by weak regulation and government subsidies. Lynn Henning (Goldman Prize) exposed their socio-environmental injustices through successful activism.

Myaing Galay cement plant in Hpa-an, Karen State, Myanmar

A military-operated coal-fired cement factory challenged by local inhabitants since 2016. Alleged to be responsible for polluting water. Civic protests lead to the arrest of activists in March 2020.

Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp eliminates Nuclear Missiles in Berkshire, England

Spanning 19 years, the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp is one of the most famous examples of feminist protest in history. The movement successfully removed 96 missiles from the base which was turned into a park.

Metallic mining moratorium in Romblon, Tablas Island, Philippines

Canadian-owned Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. proposed a mining exploration project covering most of Tablas Island. Sheryll Mindo-Fetalvero and fellow local and indigenous supporters stopped the project. Mining was banned in Romblon.

Deep sea port and airport on Kalagote Island, Myanmar

Residents of Kalagote island are concerned they might lose their farming and fishing livelihoods to megaprojects, including a deep seaport, airport and a bridge. They have not been informed about the plans and have formed a group to monitor the projects.

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