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Mujeres Latinoamericanas Tejiendo Territorios

Este mapa muestra las afectaciones a las mujeres por actividades extractivas y su rol en la construcción de alternativas. Se incluyen apenas 22 de muchos casos que se evidencian en América Latina y busca difundir y potenciar los liderazgos de las mujeres.

Environmental Justice in Himachal Pradesh, India

EJAtlas collaboration with Himdhara collective. Despite the image of a "green state", the Himalayan state pursue increasing energy generation and industrial development by diluting laws and ignoring dissent.
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Nuclear waste disposal, Bure, Meuse, France

Rallies are held to oppose plans to store highly radioactive waste underground: the expensive and dangerous long-term by-product of France's nuclear energy programme.

Presa de Melones (Mayari), Cuba

A dam for water transfer (possibly for the tourist industry) displaces small farmers from their lands and houses in Arroyo Seco, Mayarí, Holguín.

Quang Ninh coal mines, flooding in 2015, Vietnam

Heavy rainfall in northern Vietnam in 2015 killed at least 17 people, flooding major coal mines, causing tailings dam failure and pollution in inhabited areas, and risking damage to World Heritage-listed Ha Long Bay.

Digby Island proposed Nexen Aurora LNG (fracked gas) export facility, BC, Canada

China's Nexen corporation's proposed Aurora LNG (fracked gas) export facility, near Prince Rupert in British Columbia, Canada threatens the fishing community of Prince Rupert, displaces local residents and enables the expansion of hydraulic fracking.

The retreat from Monsanto Bt cotton in Burkina Faso

In 2015, some seven years after Monsanto Bt cotton was first commercially cultivated in the country at large scale, a decision was taken to return to conventional cotton.

Ashiyan City project and land grabbing in wetlands, Bangladesh

Land grabbing in the name of township development in biodiverse wetlands. Complaints and petitions of the local people stopped the project for now but a long legal battle awaits ahead