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Map of Airport-Related Injustice and Resistance

This online interactive map brings together case studies documenting a diversity of injustice related to airport projects across the world. It was developed in collaboration between the Environmental Justice Atlas and Stay Grounded.

Mapeando los impactos de la minería para la transición energética en las Américas / Mapping the mining impacts of the energy transition in the Americas

Este mapa revela los impactos de algunos proyectos mineros de metales y minerales "estratégicos" para la transición energética / This map reveals the impacts of some "strategic" metal and mineral mining projects for the energy transition
Conflictos recientemente actualizados

Underwater gas pipeline along the Ob River, Novy port, Yamal, Arctic Russia

Local groups fear the new underwater pipeline connection across the great Arctic bay will pose threat to Arctic ecosystems and their traditional livelihoods.

The A45 motorway, Lyon, France

Economic and political actors proposed a new highway (A45) between Lyon and Saint-Étienne. After fierce mobilization from EELV (Europe Ecologies Les Verts), and different associations of farmers and local citizens the project has been cancelled in 2018.

Gold mining in Orton, Ilynka, Uchas, and Trekhrechye (Mezhdurechensky), Kemerovo, Russia

Alluvial mining polluting Indigenous Shor's rivers, meadows and traditional land management. In an effort with national and international NGOs, the peoples express concerns in a collectively written report.

Alluvial gold mining affecting 4 Shor villages in Askizsky District, Khakassia, Russian Federation

Alluvial gold mining is destroying Shorians environment, cultures, and traditions. Communities report the issues they face due to illegal gold mining in a joint report with national and international NGOs.

‘Pak ze aan, de Turnhoutsebaan’ - cyclists' safety in a less car-centric Antwerp, Belgium

The 'Turnhoutsebaan' is a route for cyclists, cars and public transport from the northern and eastern suburbs of Antwerp to the city. Yet, too often the traffic victims in this key route are cyclists.

White Mesa Uranium Mill, Utah, USA

The White Mesa Uranium Mill has been opposed from members of the nearby Ute Mountain Ute Tribe and local environmental organisations, because the mill contaminates local water supply among other concerns.

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