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Losing ground: How are India’s conservation efforts putting the local communities in peril?

A thematic map on conservation conflicts in protected areas in India reveals how the strict wildlife policies have undermined the rights of indigenous & local communities. It has been developed by the EJAtlas team in collaboration with Kalpavriksh, India.

Conflictos y daños en los proyectos de Pan American Silver en América Latina / Conflict and Harm at Pan American Silver´s Projects in Latin America

Este mapa revela los daños provocados por ocho proyectos mineros de la empresa Pan American Silver, desde México hasta Argentina / This map illustrates harms associated with eight mining projects, from Mexico to Argentina owned by Pan American Silver
Conflictos recientemente actualizados

Airport in Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Allocation of a large area of land for a cargo airport triggered protests by people facing displacement from their ancestral homes and farmland. Bulldozers demolished homes and destroyed people's farmland and crops, leaving many without food and shelter.

Hidroeléctrica Chicoasén II, Chiapas, México

En el municipio de Chicoasén (Chiapas) la población local se opone a la construcción de la hidroeléctrica Chicoasén II después de haber sufridos los engaños e impactos de la hidroeléctrica Chicoasén I.

Proyecto Tren Maya en Calakmul, Campeche, México

Aunque se plantea como un proyecto principalmente turístico, tendrá una importante función para el transporte de mercancías, particularmente de carga agroalimentaria. Indígenas de ascendencia maya se resisten a su construcción.

Forced eviction for expansion of Douala Airport, Cameroon

In January 2021 more than 100 families were forcibly evicted for expansion of Douala Airport. Houses were bulldozed and protesters teargassed. Authorities claimed no responibility for resettling people and many were left homeless sleeping in the open.

Ancestral Acholi land rights conflicts in Amuru, Uganda

The Acholi indigenous people struggled against land-grabbing since the LRA rebellion in 2006. Elderly women protestors managed to cancel a game park project with naked cursing, but the community continues to fight and delay a sugarcane plantation.

Lignite mining in Lampang, Thailand

Villagers from Ban Haeng petitioned and litigated against Green Yellow Co. Ltd which was granted concessions for lignite mining without local consent. They successfully challenged the project in court.

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