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Losing ground: How are India’s conservation efforts putting the local communities in peril?

A thematic map on conservation conflicts in protected areas in India reveals how the strict wildlife policies have undermined the rights of indigenous & local communities. It has been developed by the EJAtlas team in collaboration with Kalpavriksh, India.

Map of Airport-Related Injustice and Resistance

This online interactive map brings together case studies documenting a diversity of injustice related to airport projects across the world. It was developed in collaboration between the Environmental Justice Atlas and Stay Grounded.
Conflictos recientemente actualizados

Complaints against Holcim-Lafarge quarries and cement factories in France and Switzerland

In the last years (2021, 2022, 2023) a series of actions of civil disobedience and boycotts have taken place in France and Switzerland against Holcim-Lafarge, the transnational cement firm.

Gold mining and mercury pollution, Suriname

Large scale and small-scale (illegal) gold mining is booming, causing deforestation and criminal activity. Mercury from the mining process pollutes soil and waters, threatening public health and biodiversity.

PFAS pollution by Chemours/Dupont, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Chemours/Dupont released carcinogenic PFAS substances into the environment since the 1960s, endangering employees and local residents. Resistance to such "forever chemicals" has led to multiple lawsuits against the company.

Overfishing and seabed mining, Cook Islands, New Zealand

Mining of manganese nodules promises economic gains. Traditional leaders oppose it based on “Ra'ui” philosophy. The director of the marine protected area Marae Moana, was dismissed.

Waste dumps and plastic recycling pollution in Adana, Turkey

Waste imports from the EU are piling up in Adana province, where the natural environment, residents, and waste facility workers suffer the consequences of illegal waste dumping and burning.

Water Rights of the Dineh-Navajo Tribe, USA

The Navajo Nation was left out of agreements between states for allocating water from the Colorado River. One hundred years later, they are still negotiating to secure their water rights.

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