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Map of Airport-Related Injustice and Resistance

This online interactive map brings together case studies documenting a diversity of injustice related to airport projects across the world. It was developed in collaboration between the Environmental Justice Atlas and Stay Grounded.

Losing ground: How are India’s conservation efforts putting the local communities in peril?

A thematic map on conservation conflicts in protected areas in India reveals how the strict wildlife policies have undermined the rights of indigenous & local communities. It has been developed by the EJAtlas team in collaboration with Kalpavriksh, India.
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Roma community evicted to a landfill and an abandoned fireworks factory, Campania, Italy

400 Roma were evicted and placed in the Masseria del Pozzo camp, near a landfill. Some were displaced to a former fireworks factory, waiting for the construction of an Eco-village for them. They were evicted from that site when that plan was revoked.

Toxic Waste dumping in Shingle Mountain, Dallas, Texas

Shingle Mountain and the Struggle Against Environmental Racism and Illegal Dumping in Dallas

Narcotics plantations on indigenous Nasa territory in Caldono, Cauca, Colombia

The indigenous Nasa people have long been struggling against criminal encroachment on their territory for narcotrafficking plantations, mining, and other injustices. This has led to widespread violence and environmental degradation with impunity.

Open-air Waste Dumps near Moscow, Russia

Since 2018, there have been widespread protest movements against landfills run by government-complicit "garbage mafias" in the towns surrounding Moscow.

Puente Vehicular Periférico Oriente in Xochimilco, Mexico

Colectivos del pueblo originario de Xochimilco en defensa de un área natural protegida y Patrimonio Cultural de la Humanidad

Proyecto inmobiliario Tierra Noble de Grupo Carther en el ejido Zapote, México

La empresa inmobiliario GrupoCarther intenta desarrollar un proyecto dentro de una Area Natural Protegida, sin contar además con los permisos de uso de suelo ni el acuerdo de todos los ejidatarios, dueños de la tierra.

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