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Map of Airport-Related Injustice and Resistance

This online interactive map brings together case studies documenting a diversity of injustice related to airport projects across the world. It was developed in collaboration between the Environmental Justice Atlas and Stay Grounded.

Mapeando los impactos de la minería para la transición energética en las Américas / Mapping the mining impacts of the energy transition in the Americas

Este mapa revela los impactos de algunos proyectos mineros de metales y minerales "estratégicos" para la transición energética / This map reveals the impacts of some "strategic" metal and mineral mining projects for the energy transition
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Bengkulu Coal-fired Power Plant, Indonesia

The Bengkulu coal-fired power plant has caused multiple negative effects on the local environment and population, which has led to opposition by residents and environmental organizations since before construction began in 2016.

Nagan Raya Coal-fired Power Plant, Aceh Province, Indonesia

The Nagan Raya/Meulaboh coal-fired power plant is building two new units, but has seen much opposition from the local population due to issues of land compensation and its effect on air and water quality in the area.

Oil spill in Etimboué Region, Gabon

In 2020, the Perenco company, accused of previous environmental damaging activities in other areas of the world, caused oil spills in several sites in the Etimboué region in Gabon. Local NGOs and communities sued the company, helped by international NGOs.

Haerwusu coal mine, Inner Mongolia, China

Haerwusu coal mine, the largest open-pite coal mine in China, was accused of unlicensed land use. Its operations also faced challenges due to delay in land acquisition.

Baiyinhua Coalfield, Inner Mongolia, China

The four coal mines at Baiyinhua coalfield have led to the pollution and ecological degradation of the grassland and caused damage to the environment and livelihood of local pastoralists. Chinese NGO CBCGDF filed public interest litigations in response.

Mountain Valley Pipeline, Virginia, USA

Local opposition delays construction of Mountain Valley Pipeline for years, but federal government pushes completion

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