Manufactured Products


Environmental Conflicts on Manufactured Products

Air pollution from brick factory 'SPREMO', Serbia

Aliaga Industrial Conflicts, Turkey

Aliaga Thermal Power Plants, Turkey

Alviela river pollution by tanning industry and other activities, Portugal

Amritsar- Delhi-Kolkata Industrial Corridor, India

APECO Special Economic Zone on ancestral lands and fishing grounds, Aurora, Philippines

BT Kemi, Teckomatorp, Skåne, Sweden

Cancer-related deaths due to air pollution in Dilovasi Industrial Zone, Turkey

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, India

Dirty fishmeal production in Nouadhibou, Mauritania

Eastern Economic Corridor, Thailand

Elefsina Bay industrial activities, Greece

E-waste in Agbogbloshie, Ghana

High mercury levels in skin whitening cosmetics, Sri Lanka

Huelva industrial-chemical complex, Spain

Kochi paper factory producing pollution, Japan

Luksic's investment damages Ramsar site of Pantanos de Villa, Lima, Peru

Map Ta Phut Industrial Area, Thailand

MOPCO fertilizer factory environmental conflict, Egypt

Mutare City River Pollution, Zimbabwe

Oji paper mill's sewage project in Qidong, Jiangsu, China

PCB contamination from GM and impacts to the Mohawk tribe at Turtle Cove, USA

Pollution of Veliki Backi kanal, Serbia

PT Indo Bharat Rayon Viscose Plant, Indonesia

PT South Pacific Viscose (SPV) Plant, Indonesia

Radio Corporation of America, Taiwan

Residents protest against several planned electroplating plants in Dongyang, Zhejiang, China

Riverside Park, Detroit MI, USA

Singur FIAT-TATA Project, India

Tapeba Indians threatened by companies and public policies in Caucaia, Ceara, Brazil.

The farm of a thousand cows, France

Unilever refused responsability for Kodaikanal mercury poisoning, India

Vidin air pollution, Bulgaria

Vital AD polluting Vrbas, Serbia