Environmental Conflicts on Pesticides

Aerial Fumigation with glyphosate in the Putumayo, Colombia

Agrochemical pesticides and kidney related diseases, Sri Lanka

Agroquímicos e insuficiencia renal, San Luis Talpa, El Salvador

Bhobodoho Water Logging in Jessore, Bangladesh

Bhopal gas tragedy, India

Biopalma against indigenous Tembé in the Amazon, Brazil

BT Kemi, Teckomatorp, Skåne, Sweden

Cancer Village Qiugang and Jiucailuo Chemical plant in Anhui, China

Chemical contamination at the Cidade dos Meninos, Duque de Caxias, Brazil

Chemical Industry in Flix, Tarragona, Spain

Chemical Valley, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Chlordecone poisoning by the banana industry in the French West Indies, Martinique and Guadeloupe

DBCP and male infertility in Lathrop, California, United States

Delta & Pine's toxic waste in Paraguay

Eastern Economic Corridor, Thailand

Elefsina Bay industrial activities, Greece

Epidemia de Insuficiencia Renal Crónica (IRC) en las plantaciones de caña, Nicaragua

Granting legal right to the River Ganga as a 'living entity', India

Huelva industrial-chemical complex, Spain

Israeli settlement industries polluting Tulkarem, Palestine

Lindane waste in Sabiñánigo (Aragon) left by Inquinosa, Spain

Olive Quick Decline Syndrome in Apulia, Italy

Pesticides and Childhood Cancer, California, USA

Plantation de Haut Penja, Cameroon

Sagarmala ports initiative and SEZs, the case of Andhra Pradesh, India

Shell Brazil & BASF pesticide plant, Brazil

Toxic waste management in Abaco Island, The Bahamas

Use of Endosulphan in Kasaragod distric, Kerala, India

Usina Trapiche, Sirinhaém, Pernambuco, Brazil