Environmental Conflicts on Rice

Citadel Capital/Concord Irrigated Crops in Unity State, South Sudan

Citadel Capital / Sabina and Al Nahda for Integrated Solution’s Irrigated Crops in White Nile State, Sudan

Cotton production at Aral Sea, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan

Demeter International Katondo Farm Project (Bwabwata National Park) in Mbukushu District, Namibia

Farmers Strike for Food Sovereignty, Colombia

Gambela agri-export land dispossessions, Ethiopia

GMOs and Crop Biodiversity Loss in Washington State, USA

Hybrid rice in the Office du Niger, Mali

Kandadji Dam and displacement, Niger

Karuturi Global plants Sugar and Other Crops in Gambela, Ethiopia

Labelling legislation for genetically modified food, Sri Lanka

Land Grabbing by Farm Land of Guinea, Inc. in Faranah Region, Guinea

Malibya irrigated agricultural scheme in Segou, Mali

Millennium Challenge Account irrigation projects, Mali

Monocultivos amenazan La laguna Matusagaratí, Darién, Panamá

Philipino Farmers Uproot GMO “Golden” Rice, Philippines

Pollution of Ergene River and Basin, Turkey

Quifel Agribusiness agrofuels or foodcrop projects in Port Loko, Sierra Leone

Resisting free trade agreements to protect local seeds, Thailand

Rice cultivation and processing by Agrogeba, Guinea Bissau

Saudi Star Agriculture and Irrigation Project in Gambela, Ethiopia

Saving the “Last Natural River in Japan” and Nagara River Estuary Dam

Tarda agricultural farming in Tana River Delta

Yala Swamp, Large scale farming, Kenya

Yusho disease: Kanemi rice oil contaminated with PCB, Japan