Royal Dutch Shell


Environmental Conflicts of Royal Dutch Shell

Abadoned Shell pipeline Spills crude in K-Dere Community, Nigeria

Alberta Tar Sands, Canada

Chemical Valley, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Chevron and Shell Ravage Escravos, Nigeria

Corib Gas in Rossport, Ireland

DBCP class action suit, Ecuador

Desaguadero oil spill - Transredes S. A., Bolivia

Extracción de gas por Repsol YPF en Campo Margarita, Tarija, Bolivia

Fracking opposition, Tunisia

Gas exploitation in the Urubamba valley Camisea, Peru

Goi Case against Shell, Nigeria

Groningen Gas, Netherlands

Hydraulic fracking, Egypt

Hydraulic fracking in the Karoo, South Africa

Ikot Ado Udo Case, Nigeria

Kashagan Oil Field, Kazakhstan

Koroama Women stage protest alleging neglect by Shell, Nigeria

Kwale-Okpai CDM Project, Nigeria

Mangrove forest destroyed by Shell in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Mozambique Gas Development Project, villagers dispossessed for off shore drilling, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique

Multinational Oil Companies on the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Multiple Spills in Biseni, Nigeria

North Stream 2 (Severny Potok) Natural Gas Pipeline at Kurgalsky Reserve, Russia

Oil extraction forces Ogoni to consume benzene water for survival, Nigeria

Oil giants Shell and Chevron Canalization polluted Tsekelewu Community, Nigeria

Oil Spill at Ikarama Community, Nigeria

Oil Spill at Ojobo Community, Nigeria

Opposition to oil&gas exploitation, New Zealand

River Ethiope Polluted by massive oil spill, Nigeria

Ruptured Pipeline Spews Crude Oil, Nigeria

Sakhalin-1 and -2 oil and gas development projects, Russia

Shell Bonga Oil Spill, Nigeria

Shell Brazil & BASF pesticide plant, Brazil

Shell contractors fingered in Bodo community oil theft/explosion, Nigeria

Shell ignites new gas flare at Gbarantoru, Nigeria

Shell Neglects Court Orders in Umuorie Isimiri Community, Nigeria

Shell oil exploration and extraction, Nigeria

Shell Oil Spill at Nembe Creeks, Nigeria

Shell oil spills affecting the Joinkrama 4 community (JK4), Taylor Creek, Nigeria

Shell petrochemical plant and Pollution in Norco, USA

Shell plantation, Thailand

Shell Pollutes Owerewer Community, Nigeria

Shell refuses to clean up spill at Ikata community, Nigeria

Shell, Rumuekpe Clan Soaked in Crude Oil, Nigeria

Shell Shale Gas Project, Skåne, Sweden

Shell spill and pollution in the Bunu-Tai community, Ogoni land, Nigeria

Shell Spill in Otuasega Community, Nigeria

Shell Spills Bodo Community, Nigeria

Shell's Adibawa delivery Pipeline pollutes Ikarama Community, Nigeria

Shell's Batan delivery line spill, pollution and harassment of the locals, Nigeria

Shell's environmental racism against the Ogbodo-Isiokpo community, after a pipeline's explosion and spill, Nigeria

Shell's gas flaring furnance in Opolo-Epie, Nigeria

Shells Operations contaminate Okorogbene Community, Nigeria

Shell’s toxic legacy, Curaçao

Unistoten Camp, BC, Canada

Uzere Community Protest against Shell, Nigeria

Yasuni National Park - ITT oil extraction, Ecuador

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