Eucalyptus plantations in Huangmian, Liuzhou, Guangxi, China

Villagers pulled out eucalyptus saplings planted near a reservoir fearing for the safety of drinking water. Some were arrested in criminal detention.


Fearing that the eucalyptus planted near a reservoir would affect the safety of their drinking water source, dozens of villagers from Goucun tun (tún, natural village) of Youlan Village, Huangmian Town, Luzhai County in Liuzhou, Guangxi went to the forest hills and removed the eucalyptus saplings in June 2017. This happened after series of negotiations between the villagers and the contractor were failed.

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Basic Data
NameEucalyptus plantations in Huangmian, Liuzhou, Guangxi, China
ProvinceGuangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
SiteGoucun Tun, Youlan Village, Huangmian Township, Luzhai County, Liuzhou
Accuracy of LocationHIGH local level
Source of Conflict
Type of Conflict (1st level)Biomass and Land Conflicts (Forests, Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock Management)
Type of Conflict (2nd level)Water access rights and entitlements
Plantation conflicts (incl. Pulp
Specific CommoditiesCellulose
Project Details and Actors
Project DetailsThe 352.8 mu(23.52 ha) forest land was contracted to Yu Daixian in 2011 for 20 years, starting from 1 Jan 2012 till 1 Jan 2032.
Project Area (in hectares)23
Level of Investment (in USD)200,000
Type of PopulationRural
Potential Affected Population1,000
Start Date2017
Relevant government actors-Huangmian Township Government

-Huangmian Forest Station

-Huangmian Local Police Station

-Luzhai Forest Police

-Guangxi Forest Police

-Luzhai County government

-Luzhai Letters and Petitions Bureau

-Luzhai Environmental Protection Bureau

-Luzhai Forestry Bureau

-People's Procuratorate of Luzhai County
Environmental justice organisations and other supportersTianya BBS post (
The Conflict and the Mobilization
Intensity of Conflict (at highest level)LOW (some local organising)
When did the mobilization beginIn REACTION to the implementation (during construction or operation)
Groups MobilizingFarmers
Forms of MobilizationOfficial complaint letters and petitions
Property damage/arson
Pulling out of eucalyptus saplings
Environmental ImpactsVisible: Biodiversity loss (wildlife, agro-diversity), Soil contamination, Surface water pollution / Decreasing water (physico-chemical, biological) quality
Potential: Genetic contamination, Groundwater pollution or depletion
Health ImpactsVisible: Exposure to unknown or uncertain complex risks (radiation, etc…)
Socio-economic ImpactsPotential: Loss of livelihood, Militarization and increased police presence
Project StatusIn operation
Pathways for conflict outcome / responseCriminalization of activists
Do you consider this as a success?No
Why? Explain briefly.26 villagers who participated in pulling out the eucalyptus saplings were arrested as suspects in the name of the destruction of production, five people among them have been detained in criminal detention.
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[5] See Figure 3 from “Saturnino M. Borras Jr., Juan Liu, Zhen Hu, Hua Li, Chunyu Wang, Yunan Xu, Jennifer C. Franco & Jingzhong Ye (2017): Land control and crop booms inside China: implications for how we think about the global land rush, Globalizations.”
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[1]雷霆出击!鹿寨森警破获重大破坏生产经营案 抓获26人!
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Other Documents

Villagers detained by Forest Police
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A villager is identifying the scene
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Meta Information
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