Takahama Nuclear Plants 3 and 4 reopen for commercial use, Japan

Two of Kansai Electric Company's nuclear reactors, Takahama 3 and Takahama 4 are now in operation for commercial use, after a high court injunction was lifted.


After the Fukushima Daiichi disaster in 2011, all 48 operable nuclear plants in Japan were shut down. Since then, five nuclear plants have been reopened, two of which are in Takahama. KEPCO (Kansai Electric Power Company) reopened the Takahama number 4 reactor in May 2017, and Takahama 3 in June 2017 [2][1]. The three other nuclear plants currently in operation are Sendai 1 and 2 in Kagoshima prefecture (operated by Kyushu Electric Power Company) and Ikata 3 in Ehime prefecture (operated by Shikoku Electric Power Company) [1]. Apart from the 5 reactors that have been reopened so far, there are currently 21 nuclear reactors that have filed for restart according to the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum [5].  Since March 2016 both Takahama 3 and 4 have been out of operation due to a high court injunction, which was lifted this year when the Osaka high court deemed the plants safe enough to resume operation [3][1]. This court ruling has sparked criticism from various groups of people. According to Greenpeace, it is no surprise that the high court has allowed the reopening of Takahama 3 and 4 [4]. This is in large part due to Japan being a very nuclear power friendly country, even post Fukushima, as exemplified by Prime Minister Abe who stated that Japan “cannot do without” nuclear power back in 2016 [6].

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Basic Data
NameTakahama Nuclear Plants 3 and 4 reopen for commercial use, Japan
ProvinceŌi District, Fukui Prefecture
Accuracy of LocationHIGH local level
Source of Conflict
Type of Conflict (1st level)Nuclear
Type of Conflict (2nd level)Nuclear power plants
Specific CommoditiesElectricity
Project Details and Actors
Project DetailsThe Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. ( KEPCO) is an electric utility of Kansai region, Japan (including the Kobe-Osaka-Kyoto megalopolis).

Takahama 3, 830 megawatt pressurized water reactor and Takahama 4, 870 megawatt are now back in operation for commercial use after being closed due to a high court ruling surrounding safety issues.
Type of PopulationSemi-urban
Start Date17/05/2017
Company Names or State EnterprisesKansai Electric Power Co (KEPCO) from Japan
Relevant government actorsOsaka High Court
Environmental justice organisations and other supportersGreenpeace Japan
The Conflict and the Mobilization
Intensity of Conflict (at highest level)LOW (some local organising)
When did the mobilization beginPREVENTIVE resistance (precautionary phase)
Groups MobilizingInternational ejos
Forms of MobilizationInvolvement of national and international NGOs
Street protest/marches
Environmental ImpactsPotential: Air pollution, Surface water pollution / Decreasing water (physico-chemical, biological) quality
Health ImpactsPotential: Accidents, Exposure to unknown or uncertain complex risks (radiation, etc…), Occupational disease and accidents
Project StatusIn operation
Pathways for conflict outcome / responseCourt decision (failure for environmental justice)
Do you consider this as a success?No
Why? Explain briefly.There has been resistance from local population and from Greenpeace, but the project was still approved by the high court of Osaka.
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Media Links

[7] Video- Japan: Protesters rally against reopening of Takahama nuclear power plant, 29 March 2017.
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Other Documents

"Stop MOX! Stop Plutonium!" Copyright: Greenpeace.

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Security guards stand near a gate at the Takahama nuclear power plant in Takahama, Fukui Prefecture Copyright: The Japan Times.

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