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Series of pollution events by Guangxi Xinfa Aluminum & Electricity, Jingxi, China

Low-cost aluminum producer, Guangxi Xinfa pollutes land, water and air, threatening human safety and health, food security, livelihoods as well as the landscape. A court decision has not yet been reached.


Jingxi is a county-level city in Baise (or Bose, prefectural-level city), western Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. It is known for its beautiful natural environment and pleasant climate. Jingxi City is also adjacent to Vietnam and famous for its rich bauxite mines. According to geological data and metallogenic analysis, the proven reserves of bauxite are 406 million tons and the prospective reserves are 600 million tons.[1]

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Basic Data
Name of conflict:Series of pollution events by Guangxi Xinfa Aluminum & Electricity, Jingxi, China
State or province:Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
Location of conflict:Pangling Village in Xinjia Town and Yimeng Village in Quyang Town, Jingxi County (as Jingxi City since 2015)
Accuracy of locationHIGH (Local level)
Source of Conflict
Type of conflict. 1st level:Industrial and Utilities conflicts
Type of conflict. 2nd level:Tailings from mines
Land acquisition conflicts
Pollution related to transport (spills, dust, emissions)
Mineral ore exploration
Mineral processing
Thermal power plants
Water treatment and access to sanitation (access to sewage)
Specific commodities:Aluminum/Bauxite
Project Details and Actors
Project details

The total investment of Guangxi Xinfa Aluminum & Electricity Co Ltd. is 16.8 billion yuan (2,4 billion USD).[17]

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Level of Investment:2,400,000,000
Type of populationRural
Affected Population:46,000-65,613
Start of the conflict:2010
Company names or state enterprises:Shandong Xinfa Aluminum & Electric Group Co., Ltd (Shandong Xinfa) from China - parent company of Guangxi Xinfa
Guangxi Xinfa Aluminum & Electricity Co Ltd. from China - owner of the mines, polluter
Relevant government actors:-Jingxi County Government
-Baise Municipal Government
-Environmental Protection Bureau of Jingxi County
-Environmental Protection Bureau of Baise City
-Ecology and Environment Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
-Ministry of Ecology and Environmental of China(MEE)
-Central Inspectorate of environmental protection
Environmental justice organizations (and other supporters) and their websites, if available:[email protected] Field(自然田)
[email protected] Distance Environmental Protection(零距离环保特攻队)
-Fengtai District of Beijing Environmental Research Institute of Water Source Protector(北京市丰台区源头爱好者环境研究所)
The Source Protector is a strategic cooperation institution of the Beijing Water Source Protection Foundation Natural University Fund, responsible for the specific implementation of the fund business.
Conflict & Mobilization
IntensityHIGH (widespread, mass mobilization, violence, arrests, etc...)
Reaction stageIn REACTION to the implementation (during construction or operation)
Groups mobilizing:Farmers
Local ejos
Landless peasants
Forms of mobilization:Development of a network/collective action
Lawsuits, court cases, judicial activism
Media based activism/alternative media
Official complaint letters and petitions
Street protest/marches
Property damage/arson
Threats to use arms
Environmental ImpactsVisible: Soil contamination, Waste overflow, Surface water pollution / Decreasing water (physico-chemical, biological) quality, Groundwater pollution or depletion, Air pollution, Food insecurity (crop damage), Loss of landscape/aesthetic degradation, Desertification/Drought, Floods (river, coastal, mudflow), Mine tailing spills, Other Environmental impacts, Soil erosion, Deforestation and loss of vegetation cover
Potential: Global warming, Noise pollution, Reduced ecological / hydrological connectivity, Biodiversity loss (wildlife, agro-diversity)
Other Environmental impactsrocky desertification
Health ImpactsVisible: Accidents, Other environmental related diseases, Other Health impacts
Potential: Exposure to unknown or uncertain complex risks (radiation, etc…), Occupational disease and accidents
Other Health impactsHeavy metal poisoning; exposure to rock fallings
Socio-economical ImpactsVisible: Loss of livelihood, Loss of landscape/sense of place, Increase in Corruption/Co-optation of different actors
Project StatusIn operation
Conflict outcome / response:Compensation
Environmental improvements, rehabilitation/restoration of area
Court decision (undecided)
Technical solutions to improve resource supply/quality/distribution
Under negotiation
Violent targeting of activists
Do you consider this an environmental justice success? Was environmental justice served?:No
Briefly explain:Guangxi Xinfa has ignored the local environment for many years, causing serious pollution. Although environmental organizations have taken them to court, as of now, no judgement has been announced and whether Jiangxi Xinfa would shoulder the responsibility is still unknown. Even if the ENGOs win the case, it's still quite difficult for Guangxi Xinfa and the Jingxi Government to address the problems related to its production, waste and emissions.
Sources & Materials
Juridical relevant texts related to the conflict (laws, legislations, EIAs, etc)

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[15]举报信发铝污染的第三天,靖西市市长来了一个电话(accessed on 2019-8-12)
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[7]Bauxite tailings (accessed on 2019-8-12)
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[18] 探究信发集团在广西成功创业谜底
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Thousands of villagers protested near the aluminum plant.
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