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WISCO Soalala iron ore, Madagascar


China's third-largest steelmaker, Wuhan Iron & Steel Co (WISCO), started exploratory drilling for iron ore in Madagascar's Soalala region in 2011.

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Basic Data
Name of conflict:WISCO Soalala iron ore, Madagascar
State or province:Boeny Region
Location of conflict:Soalala
Accuracy of locationHIGH (Local level)
Source of Conflict
Type of conflict. 1st level:Mineral Ores and Building Materials Extraction
Type of conflict. 2nd level:Mineral ore exploration
Land acquisition conflicts
Transport infrastructure networks (roads, railways, hydroways, canals and pipelines)
Ports and airport projects
Specific commodities:Iron ore
Project Details and Actors
Project details

Duration of the contract: 30 years

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Project area:430,000
Level of Investment:2,000,000,000
Type of populationRural
Affected Population:10,000 to 15,000
Start of the conflict:01/04/2011
Company names or state enterprises:Wuhan Iron & Steel Co (WISCO) from China
Relevant government actors:Former President Andry Rajoelina, Office of National Mines and Strategic Industries (OMNIS) , Ministry of Planning and decentralization, Chief of Boeny Region, The National Environment Office (ONE) , Economic Development Board of Madagascar (EDBM), Malagasy Environment Ministry, Mines and Hydrocarbons Ministry, Malagasy Mining Cadastre
Environmental justice organizations (and other supporters) and their websites, if available: Platform of Civil Society Organizations (SIF), Madagascar National Park (MNP), Durell Wildlife Madagascar, TANY Collective for the Defence of Land in Madagascar, Alliance Voahary Gasy (AVG), Madagascar Environmental Justice Network (MEJN), Friends of the Earth (FoE) (France)
Conflict & Mobilization
IntensityMEDIUM (street protests, visible mobilization)
Reaction stagePREVENTIVE resistance (precautionary phase)
Groups mobilizing:Local ejos
Recreational users
Local scientists/professionals
Conservation Organisations (Durell Wildlife and Madagascar National Parks) ; Political Parties (TIM and GTT) ; Tour operators in the area of the National Park
Forms of mobilization:Development of a network/collective action
Media based activism/alternative media
Objections to the EIA
Official complaint letters and petitions
Public campaigns
In September 2013, representatives of inhabitants and local elected in Ambohipaky and Ankasakasa came in Antananarivo to denounce the injustices they are facing in their region with the WISCO iron ore project
Environmental ImpactsPotential: Groundwater pollution or depletion, Mine tailing spills, Other Environmental impacts, Air pollution, Biodiversity loss (wildlife, agro-diversity), Global warming, Loss of landscape/aesthetic degradation, Deforestation and loss of vegetation cover, Surface water pollution / Decreasing water (physico-chemical, biological) quality
Other Environmental impactsRisk of degradation of the Baly Bay ecosystems ; Risk of disappearance of endangered species (Angonoky turtles) specific to this site.
Health ImpactsPotential: Malnutrition, Other Health impacts
Other Health impactsThe Platform of civil society SIF is very concerned about the Tailings site that WISCO plans to build
Socio-economical ImpactsVisible: Increase in Corruption/Co-optation of different actors
Potential: Loss of traditional knowledge/practices/cultures, Militarization and increased police presence, Land dispossession, Loss of landscape/sense of place, Social problems (alcoholism, prostitution, etc..), Displacement
Other socio-economic impactsAll the mining regions of Madagascar became very attractive to foreign investors so the cost of living is too expensive for the local communities. This situation increases cultural problems, prostitution, alcoholism and insecurity.
Project StatusUnder construction
Conflict outcome / response:The project was temporarily suspended for a short time but now it's ongoing
Development of alternatives:TANY is against the displacement of population in Soalala
TANY asked to the Government to explain how was expended the amount of US$ 100 million
TANY asked to the Chinese Company WISCO to precise if the 100.000 positions they promised, are all for Malagasy people
Do you consider this an environmental justice success? Was environmental justice served?:No
Briefly explain:TANY denouces a pseudo public consultation
According to the mayor of the municipality of Ambohipaky in Soalala, "the State has never consulted them and the Chinese are just coming to plant pegs on their rice fields".
According to SIF, the State had decided to allocate the Soalala communities land in its name.
Friends of the Earth (FoE) who conducted a mission in Madagascar doesn't understand why this kind of project has been allowed in a region where the biodiversity is so vulnerable (very close to the Baly Bay)
Sources & Materials
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