Companies from Norway


Environmental Conflicts of Companies from Norway

The People versus Arctic Oil litigation, Norway (Statoil, Aker BP, PGNIG, Statoil)

Women against “green deserts” (eucalyptus monoculture), R.G. do Sul, Brazil (Aracruz Celulose S.A)

Belo Monte hydroelectric dam, Para, Brasil (Arcadis)

HIMA REDD projects in Zanzibar, Tanzania (CARE)

Podocarpus National Park and mining, Ecuador (ECUANOR. S.A)

Green Resources platantions, Tanzania (Green Resources)

Forest Plantation by Green Resources in Bukaleba, Uganda (Green Resources)

Forest plantation by Green Resources in Kachung, Uganda (Green Resources)

Green Resources AS Niassa Project (Green Resources AS)

Malonda Tree Farms in Niassa, Mozambique (Green Resources AS)

Bauxite mining and deforestation in Oriximina (Para), Brazil (Hydro)

Intex's Mindoro Nickel Project, Philippines (Intex Resources ASA)

Eucalyptus Plantations Aracruz / Fibria Celulose, Brazil (Lorentzen Group)

Swanson Salmon Fish Farm Occupation, British Colombia, Canada (Marine Harvest)

Lake Turkana Wind Power Project, Kenya (Norfund)

Hydro Alunorte alumina refinery in Barcarena, Pará, Brazil. (Norsk Hydro)

Kashipur Anti-Bauxite mining movement, India (Norsk Hydro)

Oil drilling, Lofoten, Norway (Statoil, Norsk Hydro)

Lake Turkana Project in Indigenous Territories, Kenya (Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries (Norfund))

Reppardfjord/Nussir copper mining case, Norway (Nussir ASA)

Hamlet of Clyde River v. Petroleum Geo-Services Inc., Nunavut, Canada (Petroleum Geo-Services Inc, TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company ASA)

Allain Duhangan Hydropower project, India (Sn Power)

Neltume hydroelectric project in Panguipulli, Chile (Sn Power)

Oil and gas prospections in the Balearic Sea, Spain (Spectrum ASA)

Alta River Hydro Power Plant, Norway (Statkraft)

Comunidad de Huachon against Statkraft, Peru (Statkraft)

Alberta Tar Sands, Canada (Statoil)

Corib Gas in Rossport, Ireland (Statoil)

Hydraulic fracking in the Karoo, South Africa (Statoil)

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) in Puglia, Italy (Statoil)

Gas grabs, Algeria (Statoil)

Opposition to oil&gas exploitation, New Zealand (Statoil)

Itataia Project for Uranium and Phosphate mining in Santa Quitéria, Ceará, Brazil (Yara Brazil Fertilizantes S.A)

Phosphate mining in Anitápolis, Brazil (Yara Brazil Fertilizantes S.A)