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Environmental Conflicts of translation missing: en.m.products.united_states_of_america

Chevron Refinery in Richmond, CA, USA ()

Alberta Tar Sands, Canada (, ConocoPhillips China Inc., Devon Energy Corp, ExxonMobil Corporation, Kinder Morgan , Koch Resources LLC , Marathon Oil Corp, Occidental Petroleum)

Chevron Shale Gas, Romania ()

Unistoten Camp, BC, Canada ()

Multinational Oil Companies on the Niger Delta, Nigeria ()

Oil Pipeline Doba-Kribi, Chad-Cameroon (ExxonMobil Corporation, Texaco Petroleum Co., )

Chevron Activities Degrade Izombe Community, Nigeria ()

Chevron and Shell Ravage Escravos, Nigeria ()

Oil Spill at Makaraba Village, Nigeria ()

Massive Oil Spill at Ilaje Communities, Nigeria (, ExxonMobil Corporation)

Gas Wellhead Explosion in Koluama, Nigeria ()

Chevron North Apoi explosion impacts at Ikebiri Community, Nigeria ()

Oil giants Shell and Chevron Canalization polluted Tsekelewu Community, Nigeria ()

Exploracion Hidrocarburos en San Andres Islas, Colombia ()

Yadana Gas field and pipeline, Myanmar ()

Loma de La Lata y Vaca Muerta en Neuquen, Argentina ()

Karachaganak Oil and Gas Condensate field, Kazakhstan ()

Resistance to Chevron-YPF Fracking, Argentina (Dow Chemical Company, )

Resistance to fracking in Chihuahua, Mexico (, Shell Oil Company, Halliburton, Schlumberger)

Chevron port project in Tambon Klai, Thailand ()

West African Gas Pipeline, from Nigeria to Ghana ()

Tengiz Oilfield and Processing Plant, Kazakhstan (, ExxonMobil Corporation)

Chevron-Texaco oil extraction and legal case, Ecuador (Texaco Petroleum Co., )

Greenpeace's resistance to deepwater drilling in Shetland Islands, United Kingdom ()

Pungesti's resistance to Chevron Gas Fracking, Romania (, Halliburton, Hunt Oil)

Cabinda Gulf oil&gas exploitation, Angola (, Texaco Petroleum Co., ExxonMobil Corporation)

Opposition to oil&gas exploitation, New Zealand ()

Chrevron's activities in Riau province, Indonesia ()

Derrame de petroleo en el campo de Frade, Brasil (Chevron Brasil Upstream Frade , )

La huella de Chevron en el Lago de Maracaibo y otras regiones, Venezuela ()

Chevron's Gorgon gas extraction meet with labour unions' opposition, Australia ()

Zurawlow shalegas field and Chevron withdrawal, Poland ()

The People versus Arctic Oil litigation, Norway (, ConocoPhillips Alaska)

Tanintharyi Nature Reserve conservation area funded by gas pipeline developers, Myanmar ()

Guaraqueçaba Climate Action Project in traditional communities in Paraná, Brazil (American Electric Power, General Motors, )

Coal Mining project (Mina Guaíba) in Río Grande del Sul, Brazil ( Air Products)

Bauxite mining in Cockpit Country, Jamaica (Alcoa, Alcoa Minerals of Jamaica)

Chlordecone poisoning by the banana industry in the French West Indies, Martinique and Guadeloupe ( Allied Signal Company)

Barra Grande Dam on River Pelotas, Brazil ( Aluminum Company of America )

Protests in 1970 against ALCOA, Costa Rica ( Aluminum Company of America )

Meridian Gold Mine in Esquel, Argentina ( Bussines for Social Responsability)

Clayoquot Sound, Canada ( International Forest Products)

In wake of toxic dumping, Tamaqua Borough passes Rights of Nature ordinance, USA ( Lehigh Coal & Navigation Corporation)

Groundwater Contamination with Chromium-6 in Hinkley, California ( Pacific Gas and Electric Company)

Ashaninka of Rio Amônia and Saweto against illegal loggers at border Peru-Brazil ( Rainforest Alliance)

Millennium Challenge Account irrigation projects, Mali (ACDI/VOCA)

Chicago's Toxic Doughnut, USA (ACME Steel)

Mattala Airport, Sri Lanka (AECOM)

Red Hill Underground Fuel Storage Facility - jet fuel leak, USA (TEC Inc, AECOM)

Bujagali hydropower project, Uganda (Sithe Global, AES Corporation)

Coal Ash Dump Site in Bokoshe in OK, USA (Making Money Having Fun LLC, AES Corporation)

Hidroeléctrica Changuinola I (CHAN-75), Bocas del Toro, Panamá (Allied Energy Systems Corporation , AES Corporation)

Dickson, Tennessee: the poster child for environmental racism and toxic dumping, USA (City of Dickson Landfill, Scovill-Schrader Automotive Inc., Ebbtide Corporation, Interstate Packaging, ALP Lighting Components, Nemak)

DBCP class action suit, Ecuador (Dow Chemical Company, Occidental Chemical Company, AMVAC Chemical Corporation, Dole, Del Monte, Shell Oil Company)

Farmworkers sued chemical companies, Ivory Coast (Dow Chemical Company, Dole Fruit Company, AMVAC Chemical Corporation, Shell Chemical Company)

Coltan in the Kivu Region, DR of Congo (Ashmore International Energy, Cabot Corporation, AVX, OM Group, Eagle Wings Resources International, Trinitech International, Vishay Sprague)

Clustering of Waste Facilities in Chester, USA (Rusell, Rea & Zappala, Covanta Energy, Kimberly Clark Tissue Corporation, Abbonizio Recycling Corporation, Westinghouse Electric Corporation)

Agro-business for biofuels in the Ndiaël Reserve, by Senhuile-Senethanol S.A., Senegal (Agro Bioethanol Int LLC )

Minería de litio en el Salar de Atacama, Chile (Rockwood Lithium Limitada, Albermarle Corporation)

Bauxite mining in Juruti, Para, Brazil (Alcoa)

Bauxite mining and deforestation in Oriximina (Para), Brazil (Alcoa)

Alutrint and Alcoa plants, Trinidad and Tobago (Alcoa)

Kárahnjúkar dam, Iceland (Alcoa)

Alcoa Coal Closes in Anglesea, Australia (Alcoa)

Bauxite Mines on the Sangaredi Plateau & Kamsar port installations, involving the multinationals Alcoa, Rio Tinto and Dadco, Guinea (Alcoa Alumínio S/A)

PCB contamination from GM and impacts to the Mohawk tribe at Turtle Cove, USA (Aluminum Company of America, General Motors, Reynolds Metals)

Namibian Custom Smelter, Tsumeb, Namibia (Newmont Mining Corporation, American mining company)

Jubilee Field: oil versus fish, Ghana (Kosmos Energy, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation)

Deepwater Horizon oil spill, USA (Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Cameron International, Halliburton)

Mozambique Gas Development Project, villagers dispossessed for off shore drilling, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique (Anadarko Petroleum Corporation)

Fracking among fruit trees in Allen, Río Negro, Argentina (Apache Corporation)

Severe Water Pollution by Meiko Electronics plant in Wuhan, China (Apple, Motorola)

Genetically Modified Salmon ('Frankenfish') for direct human consumption, Canada (AquaBounty Technologies)

Soy Cultivation - Caaguazu and San Pedro, Paraguay (Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Bunge)

Desaguadero oil spill - Transredes S. A., Bolivia (Ashmore International Energy)

Decade-Long Opposition to the Iberdrola Horse Creek Wind Project, USA (Avangrid Renewables , Atlantic Wind LLC)

Detroit's Waste Incinerator, USA (Detroit Renewable Energy LLC, Atlas Holdings, LLC)

Industrial Zoning in Austin, USA (Browning Ferris Industries , ExxonMobil Corporation, Chevron Corporation, Texaco Petroleum Co., CITGO, Coastal States, Austin Energy, Citgo Petroleum Corporation , Energy Renewal’s Partners LLC., Matheson Tri-Gas Company, Browning-Ferris Industries )

Urraca Fracking Project by BNK Petroleum en Burgos, Spain (BNK Petroleum Inc.)

Sedano Fracking Project by BNK Petroleum in Burgos, Spain (BNK Petroleum Inc.)

Oil Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, USA (ConocoPhillips Alaska, BP Global Exploration)

Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan pipeline, Georgia (BP Global Exploration)

Ho Chunk Nation of Wisconsin fights for Rights of Nature, USA (Badger Army Ammunition Plant)

Crocodile Bay Resort and Marina, Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica (Bahía Cocodrilo S. A.)

Water contamination and environmental liabilities from chemical companies, Woburn (Mass), USA (W.R. Grace & Company, UniFirst Corporation, Wildwood Conservation Corps, Beatrice Foods)

East St. Louis Chemical Plants and Waste Incinerators, USA (Monsanto Corporation, Big River Zinc, Pfizer Chemical, Cerro Flow)

Phosphate mining in Anitápolis, Brazil (Bunge)

Cargill Agricola port for soy export, Brazil (Cargill, Bunge)

Fracking Araba - ENARA, Spain (Cambria Europe Inc. True Oil)

Tribals and wealthy residents against Cape Wind Farm, Massachusetts, USA (Cape Wind Associates)

Purus REDD Project, Brazil (CarbonCO LLC, Freitas International Group LLC, Verified Carbon Standard, The Climate Community & Biodiversity Alliance)

Russas and Valparaíso REDD+ projects in Acre, Brazil (Terra Carbon LLC, The Climate Community & Biodiversity Alliance, CarbonCO LLC, Verified Carbon Standard, Freitas International Group LLC)

Envira Amazônia REDD+ project in Acre, Brazil (Freitas International Group LLC, Terra Carbon LLC, The Climate Community & Biodiversity Alliance, Verified Carbon Standard, CarbonCO LLC)

Manis Mata conflict (PT HSL) in Kalimantan, Indonesia (Cargill)

Monocultivo de Soya en Santa Cruz, Bolivia (Cargill, Monsanto Corporation)

Growth in Shrimp Farming for export in Chinandega, Nicaragua (Cargill)

Order 81's Effect on Iraqi Agriculture, Iraq (Cargill, Monsanto Corporation, Dow Chemical Company)

Israel uproots and confiscates Palestinian agricultural land, Occupied West Bank and Gaza (Caterpillar)

Water Contamination from Paper Mills at Penobscot Reservation, USA (Great Northern Paper, Georgia Pacific Group, Champion International Corp)

Afectados por el Nemagón, Honduras (Chiquita Brand Internacional, Dole Fruit Company, Dow Chemical Company, Standard Fruit Company)

Banana workers affected by agrotoxics in Barú, Panamá (Shell Oil Company, Chiriquí Land Company, Chiquita Brands Company, Dole Fruit Company)

Ring of Fire, Ontario Canada (Cliff Natural Resources)

Mountaintop Mining Removal in West Virginia, USA (Coal River Mining LLC, Eastern Association Coal LLC)

Coca Cola plant in Plachimada, Kerala, India (Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd, Coca-Cola Company)

Coca Cola plant in Jaipur, India (Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd, Coca-Cola Company)

Coca-Cola botteling Plant in Dehradun, India (Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd, Coca-Cola Company)

Coca-Cola Bottling Plant in Mehdiganj, UP, India (Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd, Coca-Cola Company)

Forced evictions and land grabbing for sugarcane plantations, Oddar Meanchey, Cambodia (Coca-Cola Company)

Coca Cola violates labour rights, Colombia (Coca-Cola Company)

Mines of Cerro Rico, Potosi, Bolivia (Coeur Mining Inc.)

Oil and coal Extraction in the Indigenous Motilon Bari Territory, Colombia (Colpet)

Mossville, Louisiana: environmental racism in “cancer alley”, United States (Georgia Gulf, Condea Vista)

Proyecto Hidroeléctrico Veracruz, Mexico (Conduit Capital Partners)

Mackenzie Valley Pipeline, Canada (ExxonMobil Corporation, ConocoPhillips Alaska)

800 MW CCGT Power Plant in Arrúbal, Spain (ContourGlobal)

Komo Airfield, Papua New Guinea (ExxonMobil Corporation, D'Appolonia)

Native American´s Sioux against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), USA (Energy Transfer Crude Oil Company, Dakota Access, LLC, Phillips 66, Enbridge Energy Partners LP (EEP), Marathon Petroleum Corporation)

Afectadas por el DBCP (Nemagón), Costa Rica (Standard Fruit Company, Dole, Dow Chemical Company, Del Monte, Shell Chemical Company)

“No a la Piñería” (pineapple monocultures), Costa Rica (Del Monte, Pineapple Development Corporation)

Delta & Pine's toxic waste in Paraguay (Delta & Pine)

Ambassador Bridge in Detroit, USA (Detroit International Bridge Company )

Riverside Park, Detroit MI, USA (Detroit International Bridge Company )

Exposure to Agent Orange, a case of “ecocide”, Vietnam (Dow Chemical Company, Monsanto Corporation, Diamond Shamrock , Uniroyal Chemical Company, Thompson Chemicals & Solvents, Hercules Inc)

Callao, lead pollution, Peru (Doe Run)

Chinchaycocha, Junin, Peru (Doe Run)

La Oroya, Perú (Doe Run)

Afectadas por el DBCP (Nemagón), Nicaragua (Dow Chemical Company, Dole, Standard Fruit Company, Shell Chemical Company)

DBCP and male infertility in Lathrop, California, United States (Hooker Chemical Company , Occidental Chemical Company, Dole, Shell Chemical Company)

Farmworkers poisoned by DBCP (Nemagon), Philippines (Dow Chemical Company, Shell Oil Company, OXY (Occidental Petroleum Corporation), Dole Fruit Company)

Atlantic Coast Natural Gas Pipeline. Virginia, USA (Dominion Energy, Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas)

Southern terminus of Atlantic Coast Pipeline and industrial hub, USA (Dominion Energy, Southern Company Gas, Duke Energy)

Yala Swamp, Large scale farming, Kenya (Dominion Farms Limited)

Dow Plaquemines LA, USA (Dow Chemical Company)

Chemical Valley, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada (Dow Chemical Company)

Bhopal gas tragedy, India (Dow Chemical Company)

Dow Chemicals R&D unit, Pune, India (Dow Chemical Company)

GMO Maize, Mexico (Monsanto Corporation, Dow Chemical Company, Dupont)

Air pollution from Makstil AD, Skopje, Macedonia (Duferco Group)

Sabal Trail Pipeline from Alabama to Florida, United States (Duke Energy, NextEra Energy, Spectra Energy Corp, Florida Power and Light Company, Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC)

GMOs in Catalunya, Spain (Dupont, Monsanto Corporation)

Guatemala mass mobilisations win in defeating the “Monsanto Law” pushed by US (Monsanto Corporation, Dupont)

Aerial Fumigation with glyphosate in the Putumayo, Colombia (Monsanto Corporation, DynCorp International)

Aerial fumigations and Plan Colombia, Ecuador (DynCorp International, Monsanto Corporation)

Movement against imported coal plants, Greece (EDISON International )

Gas Pipelines Urucu-Coari-Manaus & Urucu-Porto Velho - Petrobras, Brazil (El Paso Energy International )

Lamu Cordisons Wind Power Project, Kenya (West Texas Wind Energy Clearinghouse, Electric Power Engineers)

Makwa Initiative against Enbridge's Line 3 Replacement Project, USA (Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P. (EEP))

Uranium mining in the Havasupai Nation's territory, Arizona, USA (Energy Fuels)

New Hampshire's Granite Bridge Gas Pipeline, United States (Liberty Utilities, Energy North Natural Gas)

Sunoco’s Mariner East 2 pipeline in Pennsylvania, United States (Energy Transfer Partners (formerly Sunoco Logistics).)

Louisiana's Bayou Bridge Pipeline Project, United States (Energy Transfer Partners (formerly Sunoco Logistics)., Philipp 66 Partners, L.P.)

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant, USA (Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corporation, Entergy Nuclear)

Textile and Paper Mill Industry polluting Nashua River, USA (New Hampshire Goverment, Massachusetts Government, Environmental Protection Agency)

Liquefied Natural Gas Project, Papua New Guinea (ExxonMobil Corporation)

Oil & gas extraction on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea (ExxonMobil Corporation, Marathon Oil Corp, NOBLE ENERGY)

Shell Bonga Oil Spill, Nigeria (ExxonMobil Corporation)

Oil spill of ExxonMobil in Ibeno Community, Nigeria (ExxonMobil Corporation)

Mobil oil spills in the Atlantic Coast line, Nigeria (ExxonMobil Corporation)

Kashagan Oil Field, Kazakhstan (ExxonMobil Corporation)

Resistance to fracking projects, Algeria (ExxonMobil Corporation)

Exxon Mobil human rights abuses in Aceh, Indonesia (ExxonMobil Corporation)

Sakhalin-1 and -2 oil and gas development projects, Russia (ExxonMobil Corporation)

Sterling and ExxonMobil Offshore in Ampasindava, Madagascar (ExxonMobil Corporation)

Groningen Gas, Netherlands (ExxonMobil Corporation)

Unconventional gas exploration and production banned in Victoria, Australia (ExxonMobil Corporation)

ExxonMobil oil explorations in Shawre Valley, Kurdistan Region of Iraq (ExxonMobil Corporation)

Minería de litio en Salar del Hombre Muerto, Argentina (FMC Lithium Corp., Livent)

Eastern Economic Corridor, Thailand (Ford Motor Company)

Suruí controversial Forest Carbon Project, Rondônia, Brasil (Forest Trends)

Amungme against Freeport-McMoRan, Indonesia (Freeport-McMoRan)

Segovia (gold mining), Antioquia, Colombia (Frontino Gold Mines)

Giza North power plant, Egypt (GE Energy Infrastructure)

Violent protests over development of the Pubugou Dam, China (GE Energy Infrastructure)

Asbestos legacy, South Africa (Gencor)

Cape/Gencors asbestos mining & milling activity, South Africa (Gencor)

Radio Corporation of America, Taiwan (Radio Corporation of America, General Electric US)

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, Japan (General Electric US)

Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, Guangdong, China (General Electric US)

Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant (“Nuke 4”) stopped, Taiwan (General Electric US)

Gori/Kori Nuclear Plant 1, South Korea (Westinghouse Electric Corporation, General Electric Company )

Stringfellow Acid Pits, USA (McDonnell Douglas Corp, Montrose Chemical Corp, General Electric Company , Northrop Grumman, Rockwell International)

San Francisco first Critical Mass as a challenge to pro-automobile urban planning, USA (Shell Oil Company, Studebaker, General Motors)

Industrial Complex Porto Açu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Global Energy Partners (EIG) )

Iron mining in the Penokee Hills, USA (Gogebic Taconite LLC)

Lake Turkana Project in Indigenous Territories, Kenya (Google)

Cruise Ships impacting Venetian Lagoon, Italy (Gruppo Carnival Corporation & plc , Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises )

Las luchas contra el mega-proyecto del Arco Minero del Orinoco, Venezuela (Guaniamo Mining Company)

Alumina Factory by Alteo, Gardanne, France (HIG)

Earthquakes & conflict linked to fracking, Nuevo Leon, Mexico (Halliburton, Schlumberger)

Historic Fracking Ban Passes in Heart of “Frack Country”, USA (Halliburton, Texas Oil and Gas Association )

Anti-fracking uprising in Ain Salah, Algeria (Halliburton)

Exploratory Fracking at Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire, UK (Halliburton)

Moratorium on Oil Exploration Harken Energy, Costa Rica (Harken Costa Rica Holdings LLC , Harken Energy, MKJ Xploration )

Proyecto Hidroeléctrico El Chaparral, El Salvador (Harza Engineering Company)

Palm Islands (Palm Jumeira), United Arab Emirates (Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock/Architects, Inc.)

Palm oil plantation in South-West Cameroon (Herakles Farms/Herakles Capital)

Displacement of Gullah Islanders, USA (Hilton Head Toll Bridge Authority, Hilton Head Company, Sea Pines company)

Coca Cola plant and Groundwater Exploitation, India (Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd)

Water Rights and Access in Detroit's Urban Areas, USA (Homrich)

Love Canal dump site at Niagara Falls, USA (Modeltown Development Corporation, Hooker Chemical Company)

Chixoy Dam and Rio Negro massacre, Guatemala (Hotchief)

Gas exploitation in the Urubamba valley Camisea, Peru (Hunt Oil)

Amarakaeri communal reserve against Hunt Oil and Repsol, Peru (Hunt Oil)

Uranium Mining in the Southwest in Navajo Nation, USA (Kerr-McGee Corp. , Union Carbide Corporation, Hydro Resources, Inc)

Red Frog Beach Tourist Complex, Panama (IGY Marinas, Pillar Panama S.A.)

Oil exploration within Somalia's semi-autonomous Puntland region, Somalia (ION Geophysical Corporation)

Innovative Waste Utilization unit in South Phoenix, USA (Industrial Waste Utilization, Innovative Waste Utilization )

Kangqiao lead poisoning incident, Shanghai, China (Johnson Controls)

Port City Project, Sri Lanka (Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated)

Akosombo Hydroelectric Project, Ghana (Kaiser Aluminum)

La Puya, proyecto minero el Tambor, Guatemala (Kappes Kassiday & Associates )

OCP-Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline, Ecuador (Occidental Petroleum, Kerr-McGee Corp. )

Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project, British Columbia, Canada (Kinder Morgan )

Kinder Morgan Natural Gas Pipeline, USA (Kinder Morgan )

Proyecto hidroeléctrico Corpus Christi, Argentina-Paraguay (Knight Piésold)

Cape Boujdour (Offshore Block) oil and gas exploration, Western Sahara (Kosmos Energy)

Offshore petroleum threatens fishing livelihoods and marine biodiversity in Mauritania (Kosmos Energy)

Hydrocarbons exploitation off-shore by Kosmos Energy, along Grande-Côte, Senegal (Kosmos Energy)

Protests and legal action against Fracking, Coahuila, Mexico (Lewis Energy Group)

USA Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) in Niscemi, Italy (Lockeed Martin Space Systems )

Algonquins of Barriere Lake Logging Conflict, Quebec, Canada (Louisiana Pacific)

Zhuxi Industrial Park in Huaxi, Dongyang, Zhejiang, China (MAX (Dongyang) Chemicals Co., Ltd. )

Exploración y explotación de carbón en el páramo de Pisba en Boyacá, Colombia (MMEX Mining Corp.)

Heavy Polluting Transit in Massachusetts, USA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority)

Hanapepe salt ponds threatened by growth of helicopter operations, USA (Maverick Helicopters )

GMOs law in agriculture and husbandry, Serbia (Monsanto Corporation, McDonalds)

Interoceanic Grand Canal project, Nicaragua (McKinsey & Company)

Environmental threats (industrial salmon, new mining concessions) in Chiloé, Chile (Medinah Minerals )

Disposal of low-level nuclear waste at Texas site, USA (Texas Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission, Merco Joint Venture, LLC)

Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania, United States (Metropolitan Edison)

West Harlem and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, USA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority)

Indian Nations and Wolf Hunting, USA (Michigan United Conservation Clubs)

Residuos industriales en Nuevo Mercurio, Zacatecas, Mexico (Monsanto Corporation, Minera Rosicler)

GMOs in Aragon, Spain (Monsanto Corporation)

Monsanto GM crops, Egypt (Monsanto Corporation)

Monsanto and soy monocultures, Argentina (Monsanto Corporation)

Mayan beekeepers against Monsanto transgenic soya, Campeche, Mexico (Monsanto Corporation)

Agroquímicos e insuficiencia renal, San Luis Talpa, El Salvador (Monsanto Corporation)

Anti-GMO Struggle, Portugal (Monsanto Corporation)

Seed Privatization, Ghana (Monsanto Corporation)

Legal Recognition of Creole Seeds, Brazil (Monsanto Corporation)

Farmers Strike for Food Sovereignty, Colombia (Monsanto Corporation)

Resisting free trade agreements to protect local seeds, Thailand (Monsanto Corporation)

Agrochemical pesticides and kidney related diseases, Sri Lanka (Monsanto Corporation)

Labelling legislation for genetically modified food, Sri Lanka (Monsanto Corporation)

The retreat from Monsanto Bt cotton in Burkina Faso (Monsanto Corporation)

Dewayne Johnson against Monsanto, glyphosate exposure, California, USA (Monsanto Corporation)

Shell petrochemical plant and Pollution in Norco, USA (Motiva Enterprises)

Proyecto Mandé Norte, Murindó, Colombia (Muriel Mining Corporation)

Minería en el cerro sagrado Care Perro en Antioquia, Colombia (Muriel Mining Corporation)

Decimation of Palestine’s fishing industry, Palestine (NOBLE ENERGY)

Boat Harbour contamination from pulp and paper industry, Nova Scotia, Canada (Neenah Paper)

North River Sewage Treatment Plant, USA (New York City Department of Environmental Protection)

Midland Avenue Regional Treatment Facility in Southside Neighborhood of Syracuse, NY, USA (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Onondaga County)

Rosia Montana, Romania (Newmont Mining Corporation)

Kori Kollo mine, Bolivia (Newmont Mining Corporation, West World)

Yanacocha Mine, Peru (Newmont Mining Corporation)

Inti Raymi contamina Rio Desaguadero in Oruro, Bolivia (Newmont Mining Corporation)

Conga mining project, Peru (Newmont Mining Corporation)

Ronderos de Pulán contra minera la Zanja, Perú (Newmont Mining Corporation)

Bergama Gold Mine, Turkey (Newmont Mining Corporation)

Newmont's Ahafo gold mine, Ghana (Newmont Mining Corporation)

Proposed Crandon Mine in Northeast Wisconsin, USA (Nicolet Minerals Company, Rio Algom Ltd)

Cascadas de Agua Azul, San Sebastián Bachajón, Chiapas, México (Norton Consulting)

Achuar against Oxy, Peru (OXY (Occidental Petroleum Corporation))

Tovlan Landfill serves illegal Israeli settlements at the expense of Palestinian communities, West Bank (Oaktree Capital Management)

Uwa, exploración petrolera en su territorio, Colombia (Occidental Petroleum)

Minería submarina de fósforo Don Diego, Mexico (Odissey Marine Exploration)

Maheshwar Dam - Narmada Valley, India (Ogden Corporation)

Dams construction on the Narmada River, India (Ogden Corporation)

Water privatization conflict in Stockton, CA, USA (Operations Management International)

Toxic waste management in Abaco Island, The Bahamas (Owens-Illinois Corporation)

Diablo Canyon stopped for ever, California, United States (Pacific Gas and Electric)

Rancho Seco nuclear power station, closed down by referendum in 1989, California, United States (Pacific Gas and Electricity)

Conflicts within the REDD+ Oddar Meanchey Community Forests, Cambodia (Pact, Terra Global Capital)

The Deep Well Oil and Gas Sawn Lake project and the Lubicon Lake Nation, Canada (Paradigm Oil and Gas, Surge Global Energy Inc.)

Nuevo aeropuerto Internacional (NAIM) en Atenco, Mexico (Parsons Corporation)

Hunter Valley Coal, New South Wales, Australia (Peabody Energy)

Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay Alaska, USA (Pebble Limited Partnership)

PINDECO. Pineapple Development Corporation-Del Monte, Costa Rica (Pineapple Development Corporation)

Radioactive Waste on Skull Valley Goshute Indian Reservation, USA (Private Fuel Storage, LLC)

Dirty fishmeal production in Nouadhibou, Mauritania (Profifish Atlantic)

Programme of Triangular Cooperation for Developing Agriculture in the Tropical Savannahs of Mozambique (ProSavana) (Rei do Agro )

Cross Bronx Highway, USA (Robert Moses)

Oposición a reactivar la mina el Tránsito, Honduras (Rosario Mining Company )

No Fracking in the Guaraní Aquifer in Uruguay (Schuepbach Energy Uruguay , Schlumberger)

Polo Petroquímico de Dock Sud en “Villa Inflamable”, Argentina. (Shell Chemical Company)

Shell's drilling for oil in the Arctic, Alaska, USA (Shell Oil Company)

Shintech PVC Plant in Convent, LA, USA (Shintech)

Nam Ngum 2 dam displaced over 6,000 ethnic minorities in Vientiane, Lao PDR (Shlapak Group Co Ltd.)

Pollution from hog farming (CAFOs), USA (Smithfield Foods, Inc)

Proyecto Caycayén (Grupo Mexico) paralizado, Chos Malal, Neuquén, Argentina (Southern Peru Copper Corporation (Subsidiary of Grupo Mexico))

Spektra Energy's Fracked Gas “Bridge to Nowhere”, USA (Spectra Energy Corp)

King-King copper and gold mine in Pantukan, Compostela, Mindanao, Philippines (St. Augustine Gold and Copper Limited (SAGCL))

Environmental defenders against Gmelina Tree plantations in Southern Costa Rica (Stone Container Corporation, Stone Forestal )

Dirty and dangerous shipbreaking in Chittagong, Bangladesh (TBS International)

Ward Valley Nuclear Dump in California Mojave Desert, USA (U.S Ecology)

Depleted Uranium threat from Gulf War, Kuwait (U.S. Government)

US Capital Energy drilling in Sarstoon-Temash National Park, Belize (US Capital Energy, Inc. )

No to privatization of water in New Orleans, USA (United Water, Veolia North America)

Biomass power plant, Pécs, Hungary (Veolia North America)

Remunicipalisation of Water service in Berlin, Germany (Veolia North America)

Granite quarrying in Cap Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada (Vulcan Materials Co. )

Hidroeléctrica Puebla 1, Puebla, Mexico (Walmart)

Walmart store in Cuetzalan, Puebla, Mexico (Walmart)

Polluting industries in Cataño and Conservation of Las Cucharillas Marsh, Puerto Rico (Walmart)

PCB Contamination in Warren County, USA (Ward Transformers Company)

Toxic Waste Landfill in Kettleman City, USA (Waste Management, Inc)

CEAMSE y gestión de los residuos en Buenos Aires, Argentina (Waste Management, Inc)

Underregulated hazardous waste facility by Western Environmental in California, USA (Western Environmental Inc- Mecca)

Fracking in California, USA (Western States Petroleum Asociation)

Expanded Nuclear energy, South Africa (Westinghouse Electric Corporation)

Mithivirdi nuclear power station, Bhavnagar, India (Westinghouse Electric Corporation)

Haida Gwai Forestry Conflicts (Weyerhaeuser)

Partial Fauna Reserve of Pama and the access to sacred sites, Burkina Faso (Wild World Adventures)

Proyecto Aratirí y mineria de hierro, Uruguay (Zamin Ferrous)

Zortman-Landusky Gold Mine, Montana, USA (Zortman Mining Inc.)

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