Environmental Conflicts in Indonesia

Amungme against Freeport-McMoRan, Indonesia

APP on Sumatra, Indonesia

Bangun Nusa Mandiri palm oil plantation in Jelai Hulu, Ketapang district, Indonesia

Bantar Gebang Jakarta landfill, Indonesia

Batang coal fired power plant, Central Java, Indonesia

Batang Toru dam, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Bukit Jaya, Bumit Harapan & Piondo villages against PT BHP & PT KLS oil palm companies, Indonesia

Bumitama Agri Oil Palm plantation, Indonesia

Buol district people´s struggle for their lands, Indonesia

Cement factory in Kendeng karst mountains, Indonesia

Chrevron's activities in Riau province, Indonesia

Coal fired power plant near conservation areas in Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia

Exxon Mobil human rights abuses in Aceh, Indonesia

Fisherfolk against reclamations in Jakarta Bay, Indonesia

Fisherwomen's (perempuan nelayan) struggle for their recognition and rights, Indonesia

Hutan Harapan Forest conflict in Jambi, Indonesia

Illegal Iron Ore Mine on Bangka Island in the Coral Triangle, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Illegal plantations & logging in the Leuser Ecosystem in North Sumatra and Aceh, Indonesia

IndoMet project, coal mining in East and Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

International Airport in Kertajati or Bandara Internasional Jawa Barat (BIJB), Java, Indonesia

IOI palm oil operations destroy Ketapang Peat Landscape, Indonesia

Iron sand mining in Watu Pecak Beach, Indonesia

Karawang Airport and Cilamaya Seaport on north coast of Java, Indonesia

Karonsi'e Dongi people and Vale mine in Sorowako, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Kedung Ombo dam, Indonesia

Land and resource use conflicts on the Island of Karimunjawa, Indonesia

Land conflict from tourism development in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Locals against the privatization of the Pari island (Pulau Pari), Indonesia

Lombok Airport, Indonesia

Manis Mata conflict (PT HSL) in Kalimantan, Indonesia

Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate (MIFEE), Papua, Indonesia

Mustika Sembuluh, oil palm plantations in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA), Java, Indonesia

Noble Group plans palm oil plantations in Papua, Indonesia

Oil palm and fires in Riau (Sumatra), Indonesia

Oil palm expansion in the protected area Tesso Nilo, Indonesia

Oil palm expansion on Tripa swamp forest, South Aceh, Indonesia

Oil palm plantation conflicts in Bangka-Belitung, Indonesia

Opposition to reclamation projects in the city of Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Plantation companies grab Orang Rimba indigenous land on Sumatra, Indonesia

Plantations and Land conflict with PT WKS, Indonesia

Protests in Bandung against plan for multiple incinerators, Indonesia

PT Ampibabo and PT Agri Toribulu oil palm companies in Parimo Regency, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

PT DAS conflict, Sumatra

PT ICA land conflict on Sumatra, Indonesia

PT Indo Bharat Rayon Viscose Plant, Indonesia

PT Inti Indorayon Utama eucalyptus plantation conflict, Sumatra, Indonesia

PT Karya Canggih Mandiri Utama (KCMU) conflict, Sumatra

PT Ledo Lestari (LL) conflict, Kalimantan, Indonesia

PT LonSum conflict, Sumatra

PT Pakerin land use conflict with Pangkala Bayat community, Indonesia

PT PHP conflict, Sumatra

PT PHS conflict, Sumatra

PT PSA Oil Palm plantation conflict, Sumatra, Indonesia

PT South Pacific Viscose (SPV) Plant, Indonesia

PT SPN Oil Palm Company in Lee Village, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

PT Tor Ganda conflict, Sumatra

PT TSG conflict, Sumatra, Indonesia

PT Wilmar Sambas Plantation conflict, Kalimantan, Indonesia

PTPN XIII conflict, Kalimantan, Indonesia

REA Kaltim, oil palm plantations in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Sand iron mining in Kulonprogo, Java, Indonesia

Sentani Airport, Papua, Indonesia

Siberut Oil Palm conflict, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Surya Sawit Sejat, oil palm plantation in Kotawaring district, Indonesia

Takalar Fisherfolk against Sea Sand Mining, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Tau Taa Wana indigenous land grabbed by PT KSL, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Textile factories in Indonesia pollute water in Cikijing River, tributary of Citarum River, Indonesia

The South Korean conglomerate POSCO Daewoo expands oil palm plantation in Papua, Indonesia

Tin Mining Conflicts in Bangka-Belitung, Indonesia

Tolak Reklamasi movement against artificial islands (reclamation) project, Bali, Indonesia

Wilmar in Jambi province, Indonesia

Wilmar International grabs Kapa and Sasak customary lands in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Wilmar International sugar plantations in Meraukee, Papua, Indonesia

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