Environmental Conflicts in Japan

An-naka zinc refinery and cadmium pollution, Japan

Arsenic poisoning in 1955, Morinaga Milk, Japan

Ashio Copper Mine, Japan

Cancellation of Landfill in FujimaeTidal Flat, Aichi, Japan

Dolphin hunting conflict, Taiji, Wakayama prefecture, Japan

Expansion of US Military base puts endangered Henoko Bay Dugong at risk on Okinawa, Japan

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, Japan

Isahaya Bay, fill in of the tidal flats, Japan

Itai-Itai disease, Toyama prefecture, Japan

Kochi paper factory producing pollution, Japan

Miike coal mine explosion and disaster, Japan

Minamata disease, Japan

Nibutani Dam on Ainu homeland, Japan

Niigata Minamata: mercury poisoning by Showa Denko, Japan

Nishiyodogawa in Osaka, air pollution court cases, Japan

Ooi (Ōi) nuclear power units temporarily stopped, Japan

Pollution of the Yamato River, Japan

Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant and Nuclear Complex, Aomori, Japan

Saving the “Last Natural River in Japan” and Nagara River Estuary Dam

Soga coal power plant, Chiba, Japan

Takahama Nuclear Plants 3 and 4 reopen for commercial use, Japan

Teshima island, waste dispute, Japan

The failed fast breeder reactor, Monju, Japan

Toroku mine, arsenic pollution, Miyazaki prefecture, Japan

Water Supply Project in Lake Kasumigaura, Ibaraki, Japan

Women “Soap Movement” against Freshwater Red Tide by Uroglena Americana in Lake Biwa, Shiga, Japan

Yamba dam, Gumna prefecture, Japan

Yokkaichi asthma, Japan

Yusho disease: Kanemi rice oil contaminated with PCB, Japan

Zushi Green Movement against US military housing at Ikego Heights, Japan

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