Environmental Conflicts in Nigeria

Abadoned Shell pipeline Spills crude in K-Dere Community, Nigeria

Abandoned tin mines endanger communities, Plateau State, Nigeria

Agip endless Spills in Emago-Kugbo, Edema and Otuabagi, Nigeria

Agip Facilty Pollutes Kwale Community Ponds, Nigeria

Agip pipeline leaks gas in Ebocha community, Nigeria

Agip refuse to stop spill in Okpotuwar and Ondewari Communities, Nigeria

Agips oil pipeline in Ogunugbene, Nigeria

Agips Oil Spill in Abacheke Community, Nigeria

Agip Spill at Brass Terminal, Nigeria

Agip Spills in Apoi community, Nigeria

Agips Pipeline at Ikeinghenbiri spills on farmlands and fish ponds, Nigeria

Azura-Edo Independent Power Project Impacts Community People in Edo State, Nigeria

Badagry Residents and gas flare devastations, Nigeria

Carbon Black emission from Warri Refinery, Nigeria

Chevron Activities Degrade Izombe Community, Nigeria

Chevron and Shell Ravage Escravos, Nigeria

Chevron North Apoi explosion impacts at Ikebiri Community, Nigeria

Coal mining in Enugu district, Nigeria

Community decries shoddy cleanup of oil pollution by PPMC Contractors, Nigeria

Crude Fire Ravages Ubeji, Nigeria

Dams on the Niger and Sokoto Rivers, Nigeria

Ekiti cargo Airport, Nigeria

Eko Atlantic city, Lagos, Nigeria

E-waste in Lagos, Nigeria

First oil spill at Akipelai Community, Nigeria

Gas Flaring In Ebocha, Nigeria

Gas Wellhead Explosion in Koluama, Nigeria

Gbaraun community and Agip, Nigeria

Goi Case against Shell, Nigeria

Harmful wastes threaten residents of Akpayak community, Nigeria

Ikot Ado Udo Case, Nigeria

Illegal Bunkering causes first Spill on Agip pipeline in Oruma Community, Nigeria

Joinkrama oil spill (JK 4), Nigeria

Koroama Women stage protest alleging neglect by Shell, Nigeria

Kwale-Okpai CDM Project, Nigeria

Land grabbing in Igbin Ojo, where a cargo airport is proposed, Nigeria

Mambilla Hydropower Station Project funded by Chinese lenders, Nigeria

Mangrove forest destroyed by Shell in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Massive Oil Spill at Ilaje Communities, Nigeria

Mgbede Community and abandoned oil well site, Nigeria

Michelin Rubber plantations, Nigeria

Mobil oil spills in the Atlantic Coast line, Nigeria

Multinational Oil Companies on the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Multiple gas explosion in Egiland, Nigeria

Multiple Spills in Biseni, Nigeria

Oil extraction forces Ogoni to consume benzene water for survival, Nigeria

Oil giants Shell and Chevron Canalization polluted Tsekelewu Community, Nigeria

Oil Spillage Ethiope River, Nigeria

Oil Spill at Ikarama Community, Nigeria

Oil Spill at Makaraba Village, Nigeria

Oil Spill at Ojobo Community, Nigeria

Oil Spill in Egbebiri Community, Nigeria

Oil Spill in Kalaba Community, Nigeria

Oil spill of ExxonMobil in Ibeno Community, Nigeria

Oil Spills devastates Swamps in Ikeinghenbiri Community, Nigeria

Oil Vessel Explosion, Nigeria

Okomu oil palm plantation, Edo State, Nigeria

PPT case: Shell oil exploration and extraction, Nigeria

River Ethiope Polluted by massive oil spill, Nigeria

Ruptured Pipeline Spews Crude Oil, Nigeria

Sabatoru suffers oil spill from Agip Pipelines, Nigeria

Shell Bonga Oil Spill, Nigeria

Shell contractors fingered in Bodo community oil theft/explosion, Nigeria

Shell ignites new gas flare at Gbarantoru, Nigeria

Shell Neglects Court Orders in Umuorie Isimiri Community, Nigeria

Shell Oil Spill at Nembe Creeks, Nigeria

Shell Pollutes Owerewer Community, Nigeria

Shell refuses to clean up spill at Ikata community, Nigeria

Shell, Rumuekpe Clan Soaked in Crude Oil, Nigeria

Shell's Adibawa delivery Pipeline pollutes Ikarama Community, Nigeria

Shells faulty equipments pollutes Bunu-Tai Community, Nigeria

Shells Operations contaminate Okorogbene Community, Nigeria

Shell Spill in Otuasega Community, Nigeria

Shell Spills Bodo Community, Nigeria

Uzere Community Protest against Shell, Nigeria

West African Gas Pipeline, from Nigeria to Ghana

Wilmar and Land Grab in Cross River State, Nigeria

Wilmar plantations, Nigeria