United States of America


Environmental Conflicts in United States of America

A proposed copper mine on a land sacred to the indigenous Apache of Arizona, USA

Access to Green Space in Los Angeles, USA

Ambassador Bridge in Detroit, USA

Atlantic Coast Natural Gas Pipeline. Virginia, USA

Chemehuevi Indian Tribe Off-Roading Damage, CA, USA

Chevron Refinery in Richmond, CA, USA

Chicago's Toxic Doughnut, USA

Climate Change Displacement of Native Alaskans, USA

Cluster of Power Plants in Brandywine

Clustering of Waste Facilities in Chester, USA

Coal Ash Dump Site in Bokoshe in OK, USA

Coal Fired Power Plants in Chicago, USA

Coal Run neighborhood in Zanesville, Ohio, USA

Coastal Communities in Louisiana, USA

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and minority residents in Kenansville North Carolina, USA

Cross Bronx Highway, USA

DBCP and male infertility in Lathrop, California, United States

Decade-Long Opposition to the Iberdrola Horse Creek Wind Project, USA

Deepwater Horizon oil spill, USA

Desert Sunlight Solar Farm (DSSF) by First Solar Inc., California, USA

Detroit's Waste Incinerator, USA

Dewayne Johnson against Monsanto, glyphosate exposure, California, USA

Diablo Canyon stopped for ever, California, United States

Dickson, Tennessee: the poster child for environmental racism and toxic dumping, USA

Displacement of Gullah Islanders, USA

Disposal of low-level nuclear waste at Texas site, USA

Dow Plaquemines LA, USA

East St. Louis Chemical Plants and Waste Incinerators, USA

Eastgate Air Cargo Facility , USA

Emelle nation's largest hazardous waste landfill, USA

Extreme Heat Events Phoenix Arizona, USA

Fracking in California, USA

Gentrification in West Oakland, USA

GMOs and Crop Biodiversity Loss in Washington State, USA

Great Pacific Garbage Patch, North Pacific Ocean

Groundwater Contamination with Chromium-6 in Hinkley, California

Hanapepe salt ponds threatened by growth of helicopter operations, USA

Hawaiians protest plans for large telescope symbolizing Western colonisation on the Mauna Kea mountain. USA

Heavy Polluting Transit in Massachusetts, USA

Historic Fracking Ban Passes in Heart of “Frack Country”, USA

Ho Chunk Nation of Wisconsin fights for Rights of Nature, USA

Hurricane Sandy and Low Income Residents, USA

In wake of toxic dumping, Tamaqua Borough passes Rights of Nature ordinance, USA

Indian Nations and Wolf Hunting, USA

Industrial Zoning in Austin, USA

Innovative Waste Utilization unit in South Phoenix, USA

Iron mining in the Penokee Hills, USA

Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, California, USA

Kinder Morgan Natural Gas Pipeline, USA

Kirtland Air Force Base jet fuel leak, USA

Lack of Clean Water in Central Valley, CA, USA

Lack of Green Space and the Bronx River Greenway project, USA

Lead Paint and other toxics in Brooklyn, USA

Louisiana's Bayou Bridge Pipeline Project, United States

Love Canal dump site at Niagara Falls, USA

Makwa Initiative against Enbridge's Line 3 Replacement Project, USA

Midland Avenue Regional Treatment Facility in Southside Neighborhood of Syracuse, NY, USA

Mossville, Louisiana: environmental racism in “cancer alley”, United States

Mountain Top Removal for Coal Production in Kanawha County, West Virginia, USA

Mountaintop Mining Removal in West Virginia, USA

Native American´s Sioux against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), USA

New Hampshire's Granite Bridge Gas Pipeline, United States

No to privatization of water in New Orleans, USA

North River Sewage Treatment Plant, USA

Northstar oil field, USA

Oil Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, USA

Ojibwe Nations Struggle to Protect Wild Rice from Oil Extraction Activities in the US and Canada

Opposition to Keystone 1 Pipeline in South Dakota and huge oil leak, USA

Opposition to Keystone XL in Nebraska, United States

PCB contamination from GM and impacts to the Mohawk tribe at Turtle Cove, USA

PCB Contamination in Warren County, USA

Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay Alaska, USA

Pesticide Exposure in Tulare County, USA

Pesticides and Childhood Cancer, California, USA

Plutonium Production at Hanford near Native American Reservations, USA

Pollution from hog farming (CAFOs), USA

Proposed Crandon Mine in Northeast Wisconsin, USA

Radioactive Waste on Skull Valley Goshute Indian Reservation, USA

Rancho Seco nuclear power station, closed down by referendum in 1989, California, United States

Red Hill Underground Fuel Storage Facility - jet fuel leak, USA

Richmond County and Enviva pellet plant, NC, USA

Riverside Park, Detroit MI, USA

Sabal Trail Pipeline from Alabama to Florida, United States

San Francisco first Critical Mass as a challenge to pro-automobile urban planning, USA

Shell petrochemical plant and Pollution in Norco, USA

Shell's drilling for oil in the Arctic, Alaska, USA

Shintech PVC Plant in Convent, LA, USA

Significant Maritime and Industrial Area in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, USA

Southern terminus of Atlantic Coast Pipeline and industrial hub, USA

Spektra Energy's Fracked Gas “Bridge to Nowhere”, USA

Stringfellow Acid Pits, USA

Sunoco’s Mariner East 2 pipeline in Pennsylvania, United States

Textile and Paper Mill Industry polluting Nashua River, USA

Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania, United States

Tourism and Indigenous Rights in Hawaii, USA

Toxic Waste Landfill in Kettleman City, USA

Tribals and wealthy residents against Cape Wind Farm, Massachusetts, USA

Underregulated hazardous waste facility by Western Environmental in California, USA

Unequal access to safe drinking water in San Joaquin Valley, USA

Uranium mining in the Havasupai Nation's territory, Arizona, USA

Uranium Mining in the Southwest in Navajo Nation, USA

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant, USA

Ward Valley Nuclear Dump in California Mojave Desert, USA

Water contamination and environmental liabilities from chemical companies, Woburn (Mass), USA

Water Contamination from Paper Mills at Penobscot Reservation, USA

Water Disparities in Texas Colonias, USA

Water Management in Flint, Michigan, USA

Water privatization conflict in Stockton, CA, USA

Water Rights and Access in Detroit's Urban Areas, USA

Water Rights of the Dineh-Navajo Tribe, USA

West Harlem and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, USA

Western Shoshone tribes Barrick Gold lawsuit, USA

Wildhorses and Burros versus government economic interests, Nevada, USA

Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage, USA

Zortman-Landusky Gold Mine, Montana, USA

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