Environmental Conflicts about Agro-toxics

A. Brown / Nakeen Corporation palm oil plantation and human rights violations in Opol, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Acid Tar ponds in Incukalns, Latvia

Addax Bioenergy bioethanol project in Makeni, Bombali District, Sierra Leone

Aerial fumigations and Plan Colombia, Ecuador

Aerial Fumigation with glyphosate in the Putumayo, Colombia

Afectadas por el DBCP (Nemagón), Costa Rica

Afectadas por el DBCP (Nemagón), Nicaragua

Afectados por el Nemagón, Honduras

Agrochemical pesticides and kidney related diseases, Sri Lanka

Agroquímicos e insuficiencia renal, San Luis Talpa, El Salvador

Banana workers affected by agrotoxics in Barú, Panamá

Biopalma against indigenous Tembé in the Amazon, Brazil

BT Kemi, Teckomatorp, Skåne, Sweden

Chlordecone poisoning by the banana industry in the French West Indies, Martinique and Guadeloupe

Citadel Capital/Concord Irrigated Crops in Unity State, South Sudan

Clustering of Waste Facilities in Chester, USA

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and minority residents in Kenansville North Carolina, USA

Contaminación de agua con metales pesados y agrotóxicos en Poncitlán, Jalisco , Mexico

Contamination of the River Palo and Agroindustry in Puerto Tejada, Colombia

DBCP and male infertility in Lathrop, California, United States

DBCP class action suit, Ecuador

Delta & Pine's toxic waste in Paraguay

Dewayne Johnson against Monsanto, glyphosate exposure, California, USA

Ecocido en el Río La Pasión en Sayaxché, Petén, Guatemala

Energy Answers Incinerator Poisoning Main Agricultural Region, Puerto Rico

Eucalyptus Monoculture in Eunapolis, Bahia, Brazil

Eucalyptus plantation in Soriano department, Uruguay

Eucalyptus plantations in São Luiz do Paraitinga. “Deserto Verde” in São Paulo, Brazil

Expansion of cattle industry of Agropecuária Santa Bárbara Xinguara in Pará, Brazil

Expansion of coconut plantations threatens the Tremembé indogenous people, Brazil

Exposure to Agent Orange, a case of “ecocide”, Vietnam

Farmers Strike for Food Sovereignty, Colombia

Farmworkers poisoned by DBCP (Nemagon), Philippines

Farmworkers sued chemical companies, Ivory Coast

Floricultura en la Sabana de Bogotá, Colombia

GMOs and Crop Biodiversity Loss in Washington State, USA

Grassy Narrows and Whitedog First Nations Mercury Poisoning, Ont., Canada

Grassy Narrows logging conflict, Ont., Canada

Growth in Shrimp Farming for export in Chinandega, Nicaragua

Guadalito y Chiquita against oil palm companies, Ecuador

Lack of Clean Water in Central Valley, CA, USA

Lindane waste in Sabiñánigo (Aragon) left by Inquinosa, Spain

Mayan beekeepers against Monsanto transgenic soya, Campeche, Mexico

Monocultivo de Palma de Aceite en Meta, Colombia

Monocultivo de Quinua en Oruro, Bolivia

Monoculture plantation in Araucania, Chile

Monsanto and soy monocultures, Argentina

MOPCO fertilizer factory environmental conflict, Egypt

Mustika Sembuluh, oil palm plantations in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Nitrates pollution in Osona, Catalonia

“No a la Piñería” (pineapple monocultures), Costa Rica

Order 81's Effect on Iraqi Agriculture, Iraq

Palma africana, Kukra Hill, Nicaragua

Pesticide Exposure in Tulare County, USA

PINDECO. Pineapple Development Corporation-Del Monte, Costa Rica

Pirin National Park illegal ski resort, Bulgaria

Plantation de Haut Penja, Cameroon

Remediation of Palic Lake, Serbia

Resistance to soy monoculture expansion in Colonia Barbero, San Pedro, Paraguay

Rice monocultures and land conflicts with Quilombola communities in the Marajó archipelago, Pará, Brazil

Sable Chemicals, Zimbabwe

Save Yamuna Protest March, Delhi, India

Sewa Paper Mill in Gangapur, Orissa, India

Shell Brazil & BASF pesticide plant, Brazil

Sierra Leone Agriculture (SIVA Group) biopalm project in Port Loko, Sierra Leone

SOCAPALM conflicts, Cameroon

Surya Sawit Sejat, oil palm plantation in Kotawaring district, Indonesia

The Guahory Crisis, Paraguay

Toxic Waste Landfill in Kettleman City, USA

Try Pheap Co. Logging Operation in Cambodia

Unequal access to safe drinking water in San Joaquin Valley, USA

Use of Endosulphan in Kasaragod distric, Kerala, India

Usina Trapiche, Sirinhaém, Pernambuco, Brazil

Yalova VOPAK Chemical Storage Terminal, Turkey

Zhuxi Industrial Park in Huaxi, Dongyang, Zhejiang, China