Chemical industries


Environmental Conflicts about Chemical industries

Aliaga Industrial Conflicts, Turkey

Arsenic poisoning in 1955, Morinaga Milk, Japan

Bhopal gas tragedy, India

BT Kemi, Teckomatorp, Skåne, Sweden

Caffaro industry contamination in Brescia, Italy

Cancer-related deaths due to air pollution in Dilovasi Industrial Zone, Turkey

Cancer Village Qiugang and Jiucailuo Chemical plant in Anhui, China

Cancer Village Xiping and Pingnan County Chromium Pollution Case in Fujian

CAPECO disaster, Puerto Rico

Cellulose Factory Celulosa Aurauco S.A., Valdivia, Chile

Cellulose industry in Gualeguaychu, Uruguay and Argentina

Chemical contamination at the Cidade dos Meninos, Duque de Caxias, Brazil

Chemical Industry in Flix, Tarragona, Spain

Chemical Valley, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Chronic pollution in Eloor, Kerala, India

Complejo Petroquímico El Tablazo y las luchas de El Hornito contra PDVSA, Venezuela

Contaminación por producción de cal en Nobsa, Colombia

Controversy over planned paraxylene (PX) plant construction in Jiujiang, Jiangxi, China

Controversy over planned paraxylene (PX) plant expansion in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

Controversy over planned paraxylene (PX) plant in Xiamen, Fujian, China

Disaster of Seveso, Italy

Dow Chemicals R&D unit, Pune, India

Dow Plaquemines LA, USA

East St. Louis Chemical Plants and Waste Incinerators, USA

Elefsina Bay industrial activities, Greece

Ennore coal power plant and Fisherfolk protest, north Chennai, India

E-waste in Agbogbloshie, Ghana

Exposure to Agent Orange, a case of “ecocide”, Vietnam

Farmworkers sued chemical companies, Ivory Coast

Gabès Phosphate Fertilizers Plants of the Tunisian Chemical Group, Tunisia

Granting legal right to the River Ganga as a 'living entity', India

Grasim Industries (Aditya Birla Group) Viscose Plant, Nagda in Madhya Pradesh, India

Green chemistry project in Porto Torres, Italy

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited refinery at Tavsal, Maharastra, India

Huelva industrial-chemical complex, Spain

Industrial complex in Pontevedra, Spain

Israeli settlement industries polluting Tulkarem, Palestine

Jiujiang Jinyuan Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd. Viscose Plant, China

Kuokuang Petrochemical Technology Company, Taiwan

Lead contamination in Santo Amaro, Bahia, Brazil

Lead in enamel paint campaign, Sri Lanka

'Let Banni Be' struggle to save the pastoralist livelihood and Banni grasslands, Gujarat, India

Lindane waste in Sabiñánigo (Aragon) left by Inquinosa, Spain

Love Canal dump site at Niagara Falls, USA

Mahindra's SEZ at Karla, Maharashtra, India

Methanol plant on the Taman Peninsula, Russia

Minamata disease, Japan

MOPCO fertilizer factory environmental conflict, Egypt

Mutare City River Pollution, Zimbabwe

Nandigram Chemical Hub, India

Nayachar Chemical Hub, India

Niigata Minamata: mercury poisoning by Showa Denko, Japan

Nitta Gelatin India Ltd (NGIL), India

Opposing paraxylene (PX) plant in the PetroChina 10 Million tons/year Refinery, Kunming, Yunnan, China

Opposition to PX plant in Zhangzhou and explosion accidents, Fujian, China

Orica (company) v. Botany (community), Australia

Paraxylene (PX) plant expansion in Pengzhou, Sichuan, China

Patancheru industrial area, AP, India

PCB Contamination in Warren County, USA

PCB Polluted Rhône, France

Pesticide Pollution, Australia

Pesticides and Childhood Cancer, California, USA

Petrochemical Complex in Itaborai, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pirin National Park illegal ski resort, Bulgaria

Prahovo pyrite cinder dump site, Serbia

Protest against plywood units, India

Protest against proposed relocation of Gaoqiao paraxylene (PX) plant into Jinshan, Shanghai, China

PT Indo Bharat Rayon Viscose Plant, Indonesia

PT South Pacific Viscose (SPV) Plant, Indonesia

Riachuelo-Matanzas: 200 años de contaminación, Argentina

Sable Chemicals, Zimbabwe

Sanyou Chemical Fibre, Viscose Factories, Hebei, China

Sappi Saiccor pulp mill pollution, South Africa

Sateri (Jiangxi) Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd., Viscose Plant, China

Sateri (Jiujiang) Fiber Co., Ltd., Viscose plant, Jiangxi, China

Shandong CHTC Helon Co., Ltd., Viscose Factory, China

Shandong Silver Hawk Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., Viscose Plant, China

Shell petrochemical plant and Pollution in Norco, USA

Shintech PVC Plant in Convent, LA, USA

Shutangshan Village Chemical Factory Pollution in Hunan Province, China

Significant Maritime and Industrial Area in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, USA

Sterlite copper smelter unit, India

Taïba Phosphates Mine in the fertile gardening area of Niayes, Senegal

The city of Pančevo-Serbia's black spot, Serbia

The Fujia Petrochemical Paraxylene (PX) Plant protest in Dalian, Liaoning, China

The Gibraltar-San Roque refinery, Spain

The Jilin chemical plant explosions and Songhua River Pollution Incident, China

Toxic waste dumping in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Transboundary Sandoz chemical accident in the Rhine, Switzerland

Vidin air pollution, Bulgaria

Violent protests against planned paraxylene (PX) plant in Maoming, Guangdong, China

Yalova VOPAK Chemical Storage Terminal, Turkey

Yusho disease: Kanemi rice oil contaminated with PCB, Japan