Intensive food production (monoculture and livestock)


Environmental Conflicts about Intensive food production (monoculture and livestock)

Afectadas por el DBCP (Nemagón), Costa Rica

Afectadas por el DBCP (Nemagón), Nicaragua

Afectados por el Nemagón, Honduras

Agricultural land investment deal in Djidja, Benin

Agro-business for biofuels in the Ndiaël Reserve, by Senhuile-Senethanol S.A., Senegal

Agrochemical pesticides and kidney related diseases, Sri Lanka

Agroindustry in Mato Grosso displaces the Guaraní-Kaiowá from their ancestral lands, Brazil

Agroquímicos e insuficiencia renal, San Luis Talpa, El Salvador

Al-Khorayef Group plans for Soy in Chaco, Argentina

Al Rajhi / TADCO of Saudi Arabia Purchases Land in Boghe, Brakna, Mauritania

Al Tamimi Khaled attempts crop farming in Dosso, Niger

Anti-GMO Struggle, Portugal

Aquaculture in Kolleru Wildlife Sanctuary and pollution, AP, India

Banana workers affected by agrotoxics in Barú, Panamá

Bar Elias Litani Pollution, Lebanon

'Blood sugar' land grab by Phnom Penh Sugar Company, Kampong Speu, Cambodia

Cargill Agricola port for soy export, Brazil

Chlordecone poisoning by the banana industry in the French West Indies, Martinique and Guadeloupe

Citadel Capital/Concord Irrigated Crops in Unity State, South Sudan

Citadel Capital / Sabina and Al Nahda for Integrated Solution’s Irrigated Crops in White Nile State, Sudan

COFCO Joycome pig farms in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, China

Comunidad indígena de Santo Tomás vs. Agrícola Superior de Jacona, Michoacán, Mexico

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and minority residents in Kenansville North Carolina, USA

Contaminación ambiental en La Huaca por quema de caña, Perú

Contaminación de agua con metales pesados y agrotóxicos en Poncitlán, Jalisco , Mexico

Contaminación de industria porcícola PRONACA en Tsáchilas, Ecuador

Contaminación por quema de caña de azúcar en Nueva Esperanza, Perú

Contamination of the River Palo and Agroindustry in Puerto Tejada, Colombia

Cultivo de espárragos en Ica, Perú

Cultivo intensivo de caña en la Laguna de Sonso, Colombia

Daewoo Maize and Biofuel Project, Madagascar

DBCP and male infertility in Lathrop, California, United States

Dead pigs dumping in Jiaxing of Zhejiang causing water pollution in Huangpu River, Shanghai, China

Deforestación en la Reserva de la Biosfera Bosawas, Nicaragua

Deforestation by Grupo Romero in Amazonia with oil palm plantations, Peru

Deforestion and land confict in Gleba Nova Olinda, Para, Brazil

Demarcation of Indios land in the Serra do Padeiro, Brazil

Demeter International Katondo Farm Project (Bwabwata National Park) in Mbukushu District, Namibia

Dominican Republic´s farmers threatened by new seed bill

Ecoamerica SAC failed agriculture project in San Martin, Peru

Ecocido en el Río La Pasión en Sayaxché, Petén, Guatemala

End Ecocde El Rio De Aguas, Paraje Natural Karst, Almeria, Spain

Epidemia de Insuficiencia Renal Crónica (IRC) en las plantaciones de caña, Nicaragua

Expansion of cattle industry of Agropecuária Santa Bárbara Xinguara in Pará, Brazil

Expansion of coconut plantations threatens the Tremembé indogenous people, Brazil

Farmers Strike for Food Sovereignty, Colombia

Farmers struggle to keep using traditional seeds varieties, Canada

Farmworkers poisoned by DBCP (Nemagon), Philippines

Farmworkers sued chemical companies, Ivory Coast

Fibria and Eldorado Brasil project in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

Floricultura en la Sabana de Bogotá, Colombia

Fomi Dam for water diversion and hydropower, Guinea-Mali

Forced evictions and land grabbing for sugarcane plantations, Oddar Meanchey, Cambodia

Gambela agri-export land dispossessions, Ethiopia

Genetically Modified Organisms in Turkey

Genetically Modified Salmon ('Frankenfish') for direct human consumption, Canada

GMOs and Crop Biodiversity Loss in Washington State, USA

GMOs in Catalunya, Spain

Grassroots Seed-Conservation Movement, Greece

Guatemala mass mobilisations win in defeating the “Monsanto Law” pushed by US

Hassad Food Landgrabs for Sheep and Wheat, Australia

Heilongian/Beidahuang in Rio Negro, Argentina

Ho Chunk Nation of Wisconsin fights for Rights of Nature, USA

Hoa Binh Hydropower Dam, Vietnam

Hybrid rice in the Office du Niger, Mali

IFFCO Kisan SEZ in Nellore, AP, India

Illegal boreholes for strawberry farming in Doñana, Spain

Illegal disposal of dead pigs in Huzhou, Zhejiang, China

Illegal dumping of organic waste Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Illegal logging and cattle ranching in TI Karipuna and Jací-Paraná, Rondônia, Brazil

Intensive rice cultivation by Group Addoha, Senegal

Interoceánica as a driver of deforestation and land use change in Madre de Dios, Peru

Karuturi Global plants Sugar and Other Crops in Gambela, Ethiopia

KDC International land grab conflict, Kampong Tralach district, Cambodia

Labelling legislation for genetically modified food, Sri Lanka

Lack of Clean Water in Central Valley, CA, USA

Land grabbing and forced evictions by Koh Kong's sugar industry, Cambodia

Land-grabbing by Congo Agriculture in Malolo, Congo (Rep. of)

Land Grabbing by Farm Land of Guinea, Inc. in Faranah Region, Guinea

Land-grabbing in Kajászó, Hungary

Land grabbing in Nilgala Forest, Sri Lanka

Landless farmers and rubber tappers displaced by cattle rancher in Capixaba, Acre, Brazil

Landless peasants of 'KM Mil' against land grabbers in Novo Progresso, Pará, Brazil

Legal Recognition of Creole Seeds, Brazil

Lower Omo Valley irrigated agriculture development, Ethiopia

Malibya irrigated agricultural scheme in Segou, Mali

Mapuche communities resisting land grabbing by Benetton, Argentina

Markala Sugar Project: SoSuMar/Illovo sugar refinery in Cercle de Segou, Mali

Massacre of Curuguaty, Paraguay

Matuba Farm, Emvest’s land fund in Limpopo/ Chokwe, Gaza Province, Mozambique

Mayan beekeepers against Monsanto transgenic soya, Campeche, Mexico

Media campaigns to save the “Linda Potato”, Germany

Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate (MIFEE), Papua, Indonesia

Monocultivo de Quinua en Oruro, Bolivia

Monocultivo de Soya en Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Monocultivos amenazan La laguna Matusagaratí, Darién, Panamá

Monoculture of sugar cane in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil

Monsanto and soy monocultures, Argentina

Namibia Agriculture and Renewables / CAPARO farming project in Caprivini, Namibia

Nigeria-Morocco Offshore and Onshore Gas Pipeline

Nitrates pollution in Osona, Catalonia

“No a la Piñería” (pineapple monocultures), Costa Rica

NSukala Sugar plantation and refinery in Cercle de Segou, Mali

Oil palm plantations in the Bajo Agúan, Honduras

Oil seed farming project in Tana River Delta, Kenya

Order 81's Effect on Iraqi Agriculture, Iraq

Palm oil and rubber plantation deforestation, Gabon

Palm oil plantation in South-West Cameroon

Palma africana, Kukra Hill, Nicaragua

Pesticide acute poisoning in tomatoes plantations in Corrientes, Argentina

Pesticide Exposure in Tulare County, USA

Pesticides and Childhood Cancer, California, USA

Philipino Farmers Uproot GMO “Golden” Rice, Philippines

Phosphate Mining in Gafsa, Tunisia

PINDECO. Pineapple Development Corporation-Del Monte, Costa Rica

Plantation de Haut Penja, Cameroon

Polish farmers protest, Poland

Pollution from hog farming (CAFOs), USA

Pollution from hog farming in Leiria, Portugal

Programme of Triangular Cooperation for Developing Agriculture in the Tropical Savannahs of Mozambique (ProSavana)

Quebradeiras de coco babaçu against agribusiness and the enclosure of their lands, Maranhão, Brazil

Quifel’s Hoyo Hoyo agriculture project in Lioma, Zambezia Region, Mozambique

Quilombolas land demarcation, Dourados/MS, Brazil

Resistance to soy monoculture expansion in Colonia Barbero, San Pedro, Paraguay

Resisting free trade agreements to protect local seeds, Thailand

Rice cultivation and processing by Agrogeba, Guinea Bissau

Rice monocultures and land conflicts with Quilombola communities in the Marajó archipelago, Pará, Brazil

Rubber tree plantation and latex factory near Dja Reserve, by Sudcam Hévéa S.A., Cameroon

Saudi Arabia land leases and dam conflicts, Sudan

Saudi Star Agriculture and Irrigation Project in Gambela, Ethiopia

Seed Privatization, Ghana

Shrimp farming in Canavieiras, Brazil

Shrimp Farming in Muisne, Ecuador

SIFCA Rubber and Oil Palm Plantations, Liberia

Silawathurei large-scale Cashew plantations, Sri Lanka

Sime Darby Plantation land conflict, Liberia

Sivens Dam on Tescou river, France

Son La Hydropower Dam, Vietnam

SOSUCAM and Samdiaa sugar operation in Haute-Sanaga, Cameroon

Soy Cultivation - Caaguazu and San Pedro, Paraguay

Sugar cane, Cauca Valley, Colombia

Sugarcane cultivation and oil palm plantation in Polochic valley, Guatemala

Tarda agricultural farming in Tana River Delta , Kenya

The farm of a thousand cows, France

The Guahory Crisis, Paraguay

The retreat from Monsanto Bt cotton in Burkina Faso

Tokwe - Mukorsi dam, Zimbabwe

Unequal access to safe drinking water in San Joaquin Valley, USA

Unsafe access to water for Roma communities in Bardejov, Slovak Republic

UPM (Ex-Botnia), Uruguay

Usina Trapiche, Sirinhaém, Pernambuco, Brazil

Wildhorses and Burros versus government economic interests, Nevada, USA

Yala Swamp, Large scale farming, Kenya

Yambol Landfill Site, Bulgaria

Yusho disease: Kanemi rice oil contaminated with PCB, Japan

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