Military installations


Environmental Conflicts about Military installations

Aerial Fumigation with glyphosate in the Putumayo, Colombia

Cerro El Alguacil (INARWA), Colombia

Chimanimani Diamond Mining, Zimbabwe

Chiquita Brands, Colombia

Expanded Nuclear energy, South Africa

Expansion of US Military base puts endangered Henoko Bay Dugong at risk on Okinawa, Japan

Exposure to Agent Orange, a case of “ecocide”, Vietnam

Illegal gold mining in indigenous Yanomami territory, Brazil

Israeli stone quarrying in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Israel uproots and confiscates Palestinian agricultural land, Occupied West Bank and Gaza

Jeju naval base construction, Republic of Korea

Land grabbing by Navy and Special Task Force, Sri Lnka

Lawpita and Mobye dam, Balu Chaung River, Karenni state, Myanmar

Marange Diamond Land and Human Rights abuses, Zimbabwe

Military Waste Destruction, Nikšić, Montenegro

Mosul dam, Iraq

Nuclear power plant in Tudela, Spain

Order 81's Effect on Iraqi Agriculture, Iraq

Plutonium Production at Hanford near Native American Reservations, USA

PRODESIS Project in Chiapas, Mexico

Quinchía, Risaralda, Colombia

Recognition of Indigenous Lands in Raposa Serra do Sol, Brazil

Save Akamas, Cyprus

Socotra Island Military Takeover by UAE amid Climate Change Woes, Yemen

Tourism and Indigenous Rights in Hawaii, USA

Touristic development of Muzil peninsula, Croatia

USA Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) in Niscemi, Italy

Vieques Navy Military Pollution, Puerto Rico

Zushi Green Movement against US military housing at Ikego Heights, Japan