Other industries


Environmental Conflicts about Other industries

Amritsar- Delhi-Kolkata Industrial Corridor, India

APECO Special Economic Zone on ancestral lands and fishing grounds, Aurora, Philippines

Asbestos damages in Casale Monferrato by Eternit, Italy

Asbestos factory Muzaffarpur, BH, India

Bauxite mining in Cockpit Country, Jamaica

Bhadreshwar Thermal Power Plant, Gujarat, India

Cancer-related deaths due to air pollution in Dilovasi Industrial Zone, Turkey

Chemical Valley, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

China National Nuclear Corporation Longwan industrial park, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China

Chunar Cement Factory in Mirzapur, UP, India

Coca Cola plant in Jaipur, India

Coca Cola plant in Plachimada, Kerala, India

Construcción de torres eléctricas en parques naturales Barbas Bremen y La Marcada, Colombia

Construcción Tunel de La Línea, Colombia

Contaminación por asbesto, Colombia

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, India

East St. Louis Chemical Plants and Waste Incinerators, USA

Elefsina Bay industrial activities, Greece

Excessive blood lead caused by Haijiu Battery Co., Ltd. in Deqing, Zhejiang, China

Fuel switching by Cimentos de Mocambique-Matola Gas Company, Mozambique

GMR Chhattisgarh Energy Limited, India

Granting legal right to the River Ganga as a 'living entity', India

High mercury levels in skin whitening cosmetics, Sri Lanka

Hoa Mac Industrial Park Land Disputes, Duy Tien District, Vietnam

Industrial Zoning in Austin, USA

Jasodharpur Industrial Area, Uttarakhand, India

Karchana power plant, Uttar Pradesh, India

Katni Power Station, Madhya Pradesh, India

Kilmore East–Kinglake Bushfire (Black Saturday) Class Action: SP AusNet (power distribution company), Kilmore East-Kinglake (community), Australia

Lead poisoning by a Taiwan battery plant in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

Mahindra's SEZ at Karla, Maharashtra, India

Mallampet village and Peri-urban to Urban Water transfers, India

Marange diamond mines pollute rivers, Zimbabwe

Maruti Suzuki Gujarat Plant, India

Masacre en Totonicapán en protestas por el precio de la electricidad, Guatemala

Messer`s Super Bricks Threatens Orchards of Farmers, Bangladesh

Mozambique Water Pollution from a dumpsite, Zimbabwe

Nawalgarh Special Economic Zone, RJ, India

New Zimbabwe Steel River Pollution, Kwekwe, Zimbabwe

Nishiyodogawa in Osaka, air pollution court cases, Japan

Pinpet iron mine and steel factory, Shan State, Myanmar

Refinaria Presidente Bernardes “Vale da Morte”, Cubatão, São Paulo, Brazil

Remunicipalisation Energy Hamburg, Germany

Residents protest against several planned electroplating plants in Dongyang, Zhejiang, China

Severe Water Pollution by Meiko Electronics plant in Wuhan, China

Shintech PVC Plant in Convent, LA, USA

Singur FIAT-TATA Project, India

SOSUCAM and Samdiaa sugar operation in Haute-Sanaga, Cameroon

Special Economic Zone Hosur – GMR Krishnagiri Special Investment Region, TN, India

Sponge Iron Plants in Odisha, India

Thermal Power Plants in Sapeacu, Brazil

Udupi Power Corporation, Karnataka, India

Umicore, Hoboken, the ecological debt of an industrial plant, Belgium

Wadi Al Qamar residents and Alexandria portland cement, Egypt

Waste Gas-based Cogeneration Project, Egypt

Waste incineration fuelled cement plant in Córdoba, Spain

Waste incineration fuelled cement plant in Montcada i Reixac, Spain

Waste incineration fuelled cement plant in Morata de Tajuña, Spain

Waste incineration fuelled cement plant in Toral de los Vados, León, Spain

West Bank Cement Factory, Palestine