Plantation conflicts (incl. Pulp


Environmental Conflicts about Plantation conflicts (incl. Pulp

Advance Agro plantations, Thailand

Almond Leaf Scorch in Alicante, Spain

Alto Paraná en Misiones, Argentina

APP on Sumatra, Indonesia

Appiko movement, Western Ghats, India

Bakun dam, Malaysia

Bastar Forestry Project 1975, Chhattisgarh, India

Bedford Biofuels Jatropha, Tana Delta, Kenya

Billion Tree Tsunami Afforestation Project, Pakistan

Biofuels plantation farming in Dakatcha, Kenya

BioPalm plantation and Bagyéli community, Cameroon

'Blood sugar' land grab by Phnom Penh Sugar Company, Kampong Speu, Cambodia

Boat Harbour contamination from pulp and paper industry, Nova Scotia, Canada

Botrosa logging company in El Pambilar, Ecuador

Bukit Jaya, Bumit Harapan & Piondo villages against PT BHP & PT KLS oil palm companies, Indonesia

Bumitama Agri Oil Palm plantation, Indonesia

Buol district people´s struggle for their lands, Indonesia

Carondelet community against the oil palm company Palmeras del Pacfico, Ecuador

Cattle ranchers, the Monte Pascoal National Park and carbon offsets in Pataxo indigenous territory, Brazil

Cellulose Factory Celulosa Aurauco S.A., Valdivia, Chile

Cellulose industry in Gualeguaychu, Uruguay and Argentina

Celtejo's SLAPP against Arlindo Marques - Celulose do Tejo, SA, Portugal

Chikweti plantations, Mozambique

Chiquita Brands, Colombia

Chota Nagpur conflict, Jharkhand, India

Contamination of the River Palo and Agroindustry in Puerto Tejada, Colombia

Cotton production at Aral Sea, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan

Cut flowers industry in Pedro Moncayo, Ecuador

Dakatcha Woodland biofuel project, Kenya

Deforestacion en Loreto y Ucayali por Grupo Melka, Peru

Deforestation by Grupo Romero in Amazonia with oil palm plantations, Peru

Deforestation & colonization of Indigenous Ashaninka Territory, Peru

Deforestion and land confict in Gleba Nova Olinda, Para, Brazil

Drinking Water Supply and Agroindustry in Villagorgona, Colombia

Durinis Ecoforest 2000, Ecuador

El Baguazo, Peru

End Ecocde El Rio De Aguas, Paraje Natural Karst, Almeria, Spain

Environmental defenders against Gmelina Tree plantations, Costa Rica

Est-For Invest's pulp mill at the Emajõgi river, Estonia

Eucalyptus monoculture and common lands, Portugal

Eucalyptus monoculture expansion in Bahia, Brazil

Eucalyptus Monoculture in Eunapolis, Bahia, Brazil

Eucalyptus plantation in Soriano department, Uruguay

Eucalyptus Plantations Aracruz / Fibria Celulose, Brazil

Eucalyptus plantations in Huangmian, Liuzhou, Guangxi, China

Eucalyptus plantations in São Luiz do Paraitinga. “Deserto Verde” in São Paulo, Brazil

Eucalyptus producer Portucel Group, Mozambique

Eucapacific eucalyptus plantations, Ecuador

FACE pine plantation, Profafor , Ecuador

Fibria and Eldorado Brasil project in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

Firestone/Bridgestone Rubber Plantations, Liberia

Florestaminas and Replasa plantations, Brazil

Floriculture on Lake Naivasha, Kenya

Forced evictions and land grabbing for sugarcane plantations, Oddar Meanchey, Cambodia

Forceful takeover of forest land cultivated by tribespeople in Khammam, India

Forest plantation by Green Resources in Kachung, Uganda

Garifuna resistance in Vallecito against land grabbing for palm oil plantations and drug trade, Honduras

Gilgel Gibe III Dam, Ethiopia

Golden Agri Resources/Golden Veroleum Palm Oil Plantations, Sinoe, Liberia

Green chemistry project in Porto Torres, Italy

Green Isan & Khor Jor Kor projects (and other state plantations), Thailand

Green Resources platantions, Tanzania

Guadalito y Chiquita against oil palm companies, Ecuador

Harvard timber plantations, Argentina

Ibi Bateke Carbon Sink Plantation, DRC

Illegal exploitation of tropical wood by Norsudtimber, in DR Congo

Illegal plantations & logging in the Leuser Ecosystem in North Sumatra and Aceh, Indonesia

Indigenous peoples land for rubber plantations, Cambodia

Industrial complex in Pontevedra, Spain

IOI palm oil operations destroy Ketapang Peat Landscape, Indonesia

Iron ore mining and mineroduct, Grão Mogol, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Jatropha plantation project in Patan district, Gujarat, India

Jiew Kang Jue Pattana oil palm company, Thailand

KDC International land grab conflict, Kampong Tralach district, Cambodia

Klabin plantations, Brazil

KPL conflict, Karnataka, India

Land dispute Fibria and quilombolas, Brazil

Land grabbing and forced evictions by Koh Kong's sugar industry, Cambodia

Land-grabbing of communities' forest lands by Wilmar International in Cross River State, Nigeria

'Let Banni Be' struggle to save the pastoralist livelihood and Banni grasslands, Gujarat, India

Long Teran Kanan communities against palm oil expansion, Sarawak, Malaysia

MAC Oil Palm plantation and timber logging, Tanintharyi region, Myanmar

Malonda Tree Farms in Niassa, Mozambique

Manis Mata conflict (PT HSL) in Kalimantan, Indonesia

Mapuche communities resisting land grabbing by Benetton, Argentina

Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate (MIFEE), Papua, Indonesia

Michelin Rubber plantations, Nigeria

Modhupur Sal forest and the Protection of Forest Rights, Bangladesh

Mondi and Sappi plantations in Zululand, South Africa

Monoculture plantation in Araucania, Chile

MSPP Oil Palm plantation in Tanintharyi region, Myanmar

Mustika Sembuluh, oil palm plantations in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Mutare City River Pollution, Zimbabwe

New expansion of oil palm plantations, Sao Tome and Principe

New Forests Company and plantation, Uganda

New Forests in Uganda

Nile Basin Reforestation Project, Uganda

Nile Trading and Development / Kinyeti Mysterious Land Deals in Mukaya Payam, Central Equatoria State, South Sudan

Ntacua tree plantations in Zambezia, Mozambique

Oil palm and fires in Riau (Sumatra), Indonesia

Oil palm and National Park Jeannette Kawas, Honduras

Oil palm expansion in the protected area Tesso Nilo, Indonesia

Oil palm expansion on Tripa swamp forest, South Aceh, Indonesia

Oil palm plantation conflicts in Bangka-Belitung, Indonesia

Oil palm plantations in the Bajo Agúan, Honduras

Okomu oil palm plantation, Edo State, Nigeria

Olive plantation on Krk Island, Croatia

Palawan Oil Palm Plantations and Land Grabbing , Philippines

Palm oil and rubber plantation deforestation, Gabon

Palm Oil Monoculture in the Choco, Colombia

Palm oil plantation in South-West Cameroon

Palm oil plantations in Lokutu, Yaligimba, and Boteka, Agro-Colonialism by Feronia Inc., RDC

Palma africana, Kukra Hill, Nicaragua

Pheapimex-Fuchan conflict, Cambodia

Plantar CDM tree plantation project, Brazil

Plantation companies grab Orang Rimba indigenous land on Sumatra, Indonesia

Plantation de Haut Penja, Cameroon

Plantations and Land conflict with PT WKS, Indonesia

Prey Lang forest movement against deforestation, mining and agro-industries, Cambodia

PT Ampibabo and PT Agri Toribulu oil palm companies in Parimo Regency, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

PT DAS conflict, Sumatra

PT ICA land conflict on Sumatra, Indonesia

PT Inti Indorayon Utama eucalyptus plantation conflict, Sumatra, Indonesia

PT Karya Canggih Mandiri Utama (KCMU) conflict, Sumatra

PT Ledo Lestari (LL) conflict, Kalimantan, Indonesia

PT LonSum conflict, Sumatra

PT Pakerin land use conflict with Pangkala Bayat community, Indonesia

PT PHP conflict, Sumatra

PT PHS conflict, Sumatra

PT PSA Oil Palm plantation conflict, Sumatra, Indonesia

PT SPN Oil Palm Company in Lee Village, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

PT Tor Ganda conflict, Sumatra

PT TSG conflict, Sumatra, Indonesia

PT Wilmar Sambas Plantation conflict, Kalimantan, Indonesia

PTPN XIII conflict, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Quilomboas of Conceicao das Crioulass struggle for land and water in Salgueiro/PE, Brazil

Quilombolas land demarcation, Dourados/MS, Brazil

Radiant Lagoon Sdn Bhd land grab near the Gunung Mulu National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Sarawak, Malaysia

Rasi Salai Dam, Thailand

REA Kaltim, oil palm plantations in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

REDD+ pilot, Lacandon Jungle, Chiapas, Mexico

Resistance to soy monoculture expansion in Colonia Barbero, San Pedro, Paraguay

Richmond County and Enviva pellet plant, NC, USA

Rubber plantations in Weliya Forest, Sri Lanka

Rubber tree plantation and latex factory near Dja Reserve, by Sudcam Hévéa S.A., Cameroon

Rubber tree plantation in Kribi, Cameroon

Sabah conflict, Malaysia

Santa Clara de Uchunya against palm oil plantation, Peru

Sappi Ngodwana, South Africa

Sappi Saiccor pulp mill pollution, South Africa

Sarawak forest department acacia plantation project, Malaysia

Shell plantation, Thailand

Shrimp Farming in Muisne, Ecuador

Siberut Oil Palm conflict, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Silawathurei large-scale Cashew plantations, Sri Lanka

Sime Darby Plantation land conflict, Liberia

Sime Darby plantations, Liberia

Smurfit-Kappa Carton de Colombia en Sevilla

Smurfit-Kappa, Colombia

Smurfit, Venezuela

Soc-fin KCD conflict, Cambodia

SOCAPALM conflicts, Cameroon

Stora Enso plantations, China

Sugarcane and Gold Mining in Lomitas, Colombia

Sugarcane cultivation and oil palm plantation in Polochic valley, Guatemala

Suzano biomass plantations, Brazil

Tau Taa Wana indigenous land grabbed by PT KSL, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Teak forest exploitation, South Sudan

Tectona monoculture tree plantations, Mozambique

The Guahory Crisis, Paraguay

The South Korean conglomerate POSCO Daewoo expands oil palm plantation in Papua, Indonesia

Think Biotech reforestation concession, Kratie and Stung Treng province, Cambodia

Tours-Bordeaux LGV, France

Tozzi Green Ihorombe Agrofuels, Madagascar

Tumkur conflict, Karnataka, India

Tumring logging and rubber concessions, Kampong Thom province, Cambodia

UPM (Ex-Botnia), Uruguay

Uprooting and Damaging Olive Trees, Palestine

Veracel Celulose, Brazil

Vidin air pollution, Bulgaria

Vitroplant resistance, Woodlark Island, Papua New Guinea

Water contamination in the Caño Tiburones Reserve, Puerto Rico

West Bengal eucalyptus conflict, India

Wilmar in Jambi province, Indonesia

Wilmar International grabs Kapa and Sasak customary lands in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Women against “green deserts” (eucalyptus monoculture), R.G. do Sul, Brazil

Wuzhisan-Pheapimex plantations, Cambodia

Xakriaba territorial struggle, Brazil

Yacyreta Dam on the Parana River, Argentina-Paraguay

Yuzana agricultural concession in Hukawng Valley, Kachin state, Myanmar

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