Transport infrastructure networks (roads, railways, hydroways, canals and pipelines)


Environmental Conflicts about Transport infrastructure networks (roads, railways, hydroways, canals and pipelines)

A2 Motorway, Portugal

Acueducto Independencia, Hermosillo, Sonora

Al-Khorayef Group plans for Soy in Chaco, Argentina

Almstriden, Stockholm, Sweden

ALTO MAIPO Hydroelectric Project (PHAM), Chile

Ambassador Bridge in Detroit, USA

Ampliación de carretera en Tepoztlán, Mexico

Amritsar- Delhi-Kolkata Industrial Corridor, India

Antofagasta: “este polvo te mata”, Chile

Aoos River Diversion and Hydroelectric Projects, Greece

APECO Special Economic Zone on ancestral lands and fishing grounds, Aurora, Philippines

Arco Poniente, Puebla, Mexico

Arco Sur Milpa Alta, Ciudad de Mexico

Asian highway in Karen state, Myanmar

Atlantic Coast Natural Gas Pipeline. Virginia, USA

Augustów Bypass in Rospuda Valley, Poland

Baba Dam Project - Los Rios, Ecuador

Baixo Acaraú irrigation project threatens Tremembé indigenous people, Brazil

Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan pipeline, Georgia

Ban on Cycling in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Bauxite mining in Juruti, Para, Brazil

Black Sea Coastal Highway Project, Turkey

Bordeaux–Toulouse High Speed Rail

BP Exploration Company, Colombia

Braslovce Highway plan, Slovenia

Carretera Mulaló-Loboguerrero en el Valle, Colombia

Carreteras en Purús-Iñapari, Perú

Chemehuevi Indian Tribe Off-Roading Damage, CA, USA

Chevron port project in Tambon Klai, Thailand

Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta, Colombia

Circuito Exterior Mexiquense, Mexico

City of Trees Conflict - Haabersti Willow - Haabersti Pajupuu, Estonia

Coal mining fires and many other conflicts in coal fields of Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India

Colombo-Matara highway and land dispossession, Sri Lanka

Comuna of Agua Blanca against the poly-oil pipe, Ecuador.

Conflicto por la construcción del Puente Rurrenabaque/San Buenaventura, Bolivia

Conflicts within the REDD+ Oddar Meanchey Community Forests, Cambodia

Construcción Tunel de La Línea, Colombia

Construction of the highway Moscow-Petersburg through the Khimki forest, Russia

Corib Gas in Rossport, Ireland

Cross Bronx Highway, USA

Cruise Ships impacting Venetian Lagoon, Italy

Dams and embankments in the Ganga-Kosi floodplains, BR, India

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, India

Desaguadero oil spill - Transredes S. A., Bolivia

Digby Island proposed Nexen Aurora LNG (fracked gas) export facility, BC, Canada

Druzhba Adria Oil Pipeline, Croatia

Eastern Economic Corridor, Thailand

Eco Golf Resort Project in Soragune Forest, Sri Lanka

Elefsina Bay industrial activities, Greece

El proyecto del puerto de aguas profundas en la península de Araya, Venezuela

El Quimbo hydroelectric project, Colombia

ENAYAM International Container Transshipment Terminal (PMAEICTT), India

Enbridge/Northern Gateway Pipeline, Canada

Ennsnahe Trasse road extension project during the 1990s, Styria, Austria

Explotación petrolera en Casanare, Colombia

EXPO 2015, Italy

Extracción de Petróleo en Laguna del Tigre, Petén, Guatemala

Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link, Germany - Denmark

Förbifart Stockholm, Sweden

Fouad Boutros Highway, Lebanon

Gasductos en Sechura afecta a Pescadores, Perú

Gas exploitation in the Urubamba valley Camisea, Peru

Gas Pipelines Urucu-Coari-Manaus & Urucu-Porto Velho - Petrobras, Brazil

Gitwilgyoots and Lelu Island (Lax U'u'la) vs proposed Petronas LNG export facility, Canada

Gitxsan First Nation Chiefs Prohibit Pipelines in Territory, Canada

Groundwater Contamination with Chromium-6 in Hinkley, California

Hambach forest occupation against brown coal mining, Germany

Heathrow Third Runway Airport Expansion, UK

Hidroaysén hydroelectric project, Chile

Hidroelectrica Miel I, Caldas, Colombia

High Speed Train Basque Country, Spain

High Speed Two railway, United Kingdom

High voltage eletricity transmission lines, Portugal

Highway killed old oak tree in Savinac, Serbia

Highway Orte-Mestre, Italy

Highway, Part of Scan Link, Ljungskile, Sweden

Hybrid rice in the Office du Niger, Mali

Indígenas wayúu del Socuy defienden sus territorios ante extracción de carbón y otros proyectos, Venezuela

Indígenas yukpa de los ríos Yaza y Tukuko luchan contra la expansión de Carbozulia en la Sierra de Perijá, Venezuela

Interoceanic Grand Canal project, Nicaragua

Itataia Project for Uranium and Phosphate mining in Santa Quitéria, Ceará, Brazil

Ituango hidroelectrica, Colombia

Kaolin pipeline on Quilombo land in Moju, Para, Brazil

Karachi Port Trust (KPT) Keamari Coal Terminal, Pakistan

Kedung Ombo dam, Indonesia

La ampliación de la autopista Valle-Coche en Caracas, Venezuela

“La Criticona”, cyclists yearly “critical masses”, Spain

La Jagua de Ibirico (Cesar) vs. Drummond, Colombia

Land and resource use conflicts on the Island of Karimunjawa, Indonesia

Land resumption of Choi Yuen Village for XRL high-speed rail, Hong Kong, China

LGV Bordeaux - Spain. Northern Basque Country, France

LGV Bretagne train line, France

LGV Limoges - Poitiers High Speed Rail, France

Línea 12 del Metro en el DF, Mexico

Liquefied Natural Gas Project, Papua New Guinea

LNG Shannon terminal, Ireland

Logging concessions in Mayan territory, Belize

Lorena, Santa Cruz, Costa Rica

Mag-lev conflict in Shanghai, China

Maithon Dam and the Damodar River Valley Project, West Bengal, India

Makwa Initiative: Frontline Indigenous-Led Resistance to Enbridge's Line 3 Replacement Project, USA

Malibya irrigated agricultural scheme in Segou, Mali

Manori to Marve Sea Link, Mumbai, India

Manta-Manaus Multimodal Corridor, Ecuador/Peru/Brazil

Margalla Tunnel Project, Pakistan

Markala Sugar Project: SoSuMar/Illovo sugar refinery in Cercle de Segou, Mali

Mega proyectos turísticos amenazan arqueología Maya, El Petén, Guatemala

Midcat gas pipeline in Catalunya, Spain

Mopa International airport (North Goa), India

MOSE project in Venetian Lagoon, Italy

Movement against the location of the Vasco da Gama bridge in Lisboa, Portugal

Movement against the third bridge, Turkey

Mtwara – Dar Es Salaam gas pipeline, Tanzania

Nairobi National Park and Southern bypass, Kenya

Native American´s Sioux against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), USA

Navarrese Corridor High Speed Rail, Spain

New Suez Canal and Displacement, Egypt

New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA), Java, Indonesia

Nickel mine in Loma de Hierro, Venezuela

Norocholai Coal Power Station, Sri Lanka

NO-TAV movement against High Speed Train, Val di Susa, Italy

OCP-Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline, Ecuador

Offshore sea sand harvest in Kwale district, south of Mombasa, Kenya

Ohrid-Prespa Biosphere Reserve threatened by tourism plans, Macedonia

Oil and Gas Exploration in Coari, Brazil

Oil pipeline and refinery in Balboa, Extremadura, Spain

Oil Pipeline Doba-Kribi, Chad-Cameroon

Oil Spills in Khanty-Mansi Region, Russia

Opposition to highway to bypass Strasbourg, France

Opposition to Keystone 1 Pipeline in South Dakota and huge oil leak, USA

Opposition to Keystone XL in Nebraska, United States

Pande and Temene Gas Field, Mozambique

Pascua Lama Mine, Argentina

Petrochemical Complex in Itaborai, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pondoland Wild Coast Xolobeni mining threat, South Africa

Porto Alegre's urban mobility and the Critical Mass, Brazil

PPT case: Glencore and Prodeco coal mining, Colombia

PPT case: Shell oil exploration and extraction, Nigeria

Preston New Road Fracking Site (aka Little Plumptons), UK

Proyecto de Tendido Eléctrico en el Parque Nacional Canaima, Venezuela

Puerto de Tribugá, Choco, Colombia

Puerto Petaca Bahia de Taganga, Colombia

Puesco-Momolluco complex and Tolten Watershed hydropower plans, Chile

Raid de Himalaya Rally, India

Ralco HEP and Bio Bio Watershed hydro plans, Chile

Relocation of Kiruna town due to iron ore mine, Sweden

Renuka Dam Project, HP, India

Resistance against Rotterdam and Amsterdam fossil fuel ports, the Netherlands

Road widening at Vilcabamba River and recognition of rights of nature, Ecuador

Rubber tappers against cattle ranchers and the murder of Chico Mendes, Brazil

S7 - Polish road construction in Natura 2000 site, Poland

Sarayaku - Oil extraction in Block 23, Ecuador

Sardinal, Costa Rica

Save Yamuna Protest March, Delhi, India

Serengeti National Park and its Highway, Tanzania

Shwe gas field and pipeline, Myanmar

Srinagar Hydroelectric Project on Alaknanda river, UK, India

Standard Gauge Railway Project Phase 1 Mombasa to Nairobi, Kenya

Standard Gauge Railway Project Phase 2A Nairobi-Naivasha, Kenya

Stop de kindermoord - against children deaths caused by motor vehicles, The Netherlands

Stuttgart 21 Project, Germany

Sud de France TGV train Station in floodable area, Montpellier, France

Tablistas (surfers) contra la destrucción de playas en Lima, Peru

Taksim Square and Gezi Park construction works, Turkey

The Bridge over the Strait of Messina, Italy

The Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project in British Columbia, Canada

TIPNIS, Bolivia

Tourism development in the Nature Park Stara planina, Serbia

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) in Puglia, Italy

Trans-Panama Pipeline, Panama

Trans-Pyrenean Central Corridor, Spain - France

Transshipment Port in the Portland Bight, Jamaica

Tunnel through the Gorica Hill, Podgorica, Montenegro

Two high voltage power lines in Llucmajor, Mallorca, Spain

Unistoten Camp v. the PTP pipeline, BC, Canada

US Capital Energy drilling in Sarstoon-Temash National Park, Belize

Uwa, exploración petrolera en su territorio, Colombia

Variante de Canal de Bocachica y dragado del arrecife coralino de Varadero, Bahía de Cartagena, Colombia

West African Gas Pipeline, from Nigeria to Ghana

West Harlem and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, USA

Wind Farm CDM project in Kalpavalli Community Forest, India

Windmills in the Koyna Sanctuary, Western Ghats of Maharashtra

WISCO Soalala iron ore, Madagascar

World heritage at risk in the Palestinian village of Battir, Palestine

Yadana Gas field and pipeline, Myanmar

Yamba dam, Gumna prefecture, Japan

Yamuna Express way, Uttar Pradesh, India

Yelcho Watershed targeted by Ministry of Energy’s hydro plans, Chile

Zonas de Empleo y Desarrollo Económico (ZEDE), Honduras