Water treatment and access to sanitation (access to sewage)


Environmental Conflicts about Water treatment and access to sanitation (access to sewage)

Acueducto río Pance, Cali, Colombia

Alviela river pollution by tanning industry and other activities, Portugal

Amravati Thermal Power Project, Maharashtra, India

APNRL coal power plant in Padampur, Jharkhand, India

Bangun Nusa Mandiri palm oil plantation in Jelai Hulu, Ketapang district, Indonesia

Bara thermal power plant, Allahabad, India

Bar Elias Litani Pollution, Lebanon

Coal mining fires and many other conflicts in coal fields of Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India

Cochabamba Water War, Bolivia

Conflicto por la denominación de las Aguas del Silala, Potosí, Bolivia

Contaminación de industria porcícola PRONACA en Tsáchilas, Ecuador

Contaminación por el Botadero K´ara K´ara, Bolivia

Contaminación por quema de caña de azúcar en Nueva Esperanza, Perú

Contamination in El Salto, Mexico

Contamination of the River Palo and Agroindustry in Puerto Tejada, Colombia

Drinking Water Supply and Agroindustry in Villagorgona, Colombia

Dust instead of water: degradation and desecation of Lake Cuitzeo, Michoacan, Mexico.

Ecological bomb Port Milena, Montenegro

Gabès Phosphate Fertilizers Plants of the Tunisian Chemical Group, Tunisia

Groundwater Contamination with Chromium-6 in Hinkley, California

Hoa Binh Hydropower Dam, Vietnam

Industrial Wastes in Bou Ismail, Algeria

Industries polluting Taihu Lake in Jiangsu, China

Jiaozishan landfill site and incineration plant near Doucun Village in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Jiujiang Jinyuan Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd. Viscose Plant, China

Khandwa water service development and privatization, India

Landfills in Mapuche Territories, Chile

Linyuan Industrial Park, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Mali water privatisation, Mali

Marange diamond mines pollute rivers, Zimbabwe

Midland Avenue Regional Treatment Facility in Southside Neighborhood of Syracuse, NY, USA

North River Sewage Treatment Plant, USA

Oji paper mill's sewage project in Qidong, Jiangsu, China

Pollutants from Hubei Shuanghuan Science and Technology massive killing of fish in Fuhe River, Hubei, China

Pollution in the Huai River and the cancer village of Huangmengying in Henan, China

Pollution of Begejac channel, Kula, Serbia

Pollution of Veliki Backi kanal, Serbia

PPT case: Glencore-Katanga Mining Ltd., Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

PPT case: Mekorot and water supply, Israel/Palestine

Privatisation of water in La Paz, Suez-Aguas del Illimani, Bolivia

Radio Corporation of America, Taiwan

Rathupaswela water contamination, Sri Lanka

Remediation of Palic Lake, Serbia

Riachuelo-Matanzas: 200 años de contaminación, Argentina

Río Tunjuelo, Bogotá, Colombia

Sanitary sewage on Varna beach, Bulgaria

Santa Cruz Barrillas dam and Hidralia, Guatemala

Sanyou Chemical Fibre, Viscose Factories, Hebei, China

Sateri (Jiangxi) Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd., Viscose Plant, China

Sateri (Jiujiang) Fiber Co., Ltd., Viscose plant, Jiangxi, China

Severe Water Pollution by Meiko Electronics plant in Wuhan, China

Sewage floods in Hebron city, West Bank

Sewa Paper Mill in Gangapur, Orissa, India

Shandong CHTC Helon Co., Ltd., Viscose Factory, China

Shandong Silver Hawk Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., Viscose Plant, China

Son La Hydropower Dam, Vietnam

Toxic waste leak at Zijinshan Gold & Copper Mine, Fujian, China

Trasvase de agua desde el Lago de Valencia, Venezuela

Unregulated tourism in eco-sensitive coral island, Bangladesh

Valle de Lurín contra constructoras, Lima, Peru

Vilappilsala waste plant, Kerala, India

Wastewater treatment collector in Botun, Montenegro

Water and sanitation privatization in metropolitan Manila, Philippines

Water and Sewerage Anti-Privatization movement in Thessaloniki, Greece

Water Contamination from Paper Mills at Penobscot Reservation, USA

Water Disparities in Texas Colonias, USA

Water Management in Flint, Michigan, USA

Water Privatisation-Guayaquil, Ecuador